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Change, Change, ChangeThe always wonderful Seth Godin published the original of this post today, and I was so struck by his (always) right on the money take that I had to share it with you, adapted nonprofit style. My changes and additions in italics.

Marketing is about change—changing people’s actions, perceptions or the conversation.

Successful change is usually specific. It’s hard to get someone to support your cause, help a devastated region or volunteer for good. But when you ask her to give $5 to provide a reader for Eldana in Addis Ababa or sign up now to staff the domestic violence hotline for a 60-minute shift next Sunday afternoon, that usually work, if you’re talking in the right way to the right person at the right time.

You don’t have a chance to make mass change, but you can make focused change, when you do it right.

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What Matters Now -- Follow Seth Godin's Path to ConnectionEvery nonprofit communicator worth her salt works from this lens: Where does our organization’s passion and impact intersect with the needs, interests and desires of our network? Making that connection is the key to engaging your base. Without it, you’re like the proverbial two ships passing in the night.

Now there’s a great new resource to help you find that point of connection. Marketing innovator Seth Godin, who is constantly proposing new and often provocative ways of looking at the world,  asked 50+ creative thinkers to craft a brief essay on the single word that matters most to them, right now. What Matters Now, available as a free download, is the result.

Elizabeth Gilbert writes on ease, nonprofit marketer extraordinaire Mark Rovner covers timeless (principles) of effective communications, and Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Making it Stick, dig into change. These are just of few of the perspectives you’ll gain in investing the hour or so it takes to devour What Matters Now.

Read this e-book today for the insight and inspiration you’ll need to make these critical connections in 2010.

P.S. Seth’s compilation and release of this e-book is a great example of building engagement. He invested his time and effort to ask 50+ friends to contribute their points of view, edited and released the book, and is now promoting it to his own enormous following. But he’s not alone. He has 50+ well-connected colleagues, each of whom has her own set of relationships, who are doing the same. And so on, and so on….

P.S. Learn how to craft a compelling story for your org in 8 words or less. Download the free 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Report, filled with must-dos, don’t dos, case studies and 2,500+ nonprofit tagline examples!

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