Together, Forever, in NJ

Me and you, together in the same place? I’d love that.

Let’s lunch and learn together! Please join me next Tuesday, October 8, in nearby Edison NJ, to build your skills on:

Relevance Rules:
Right-Things Right-Now Fundraising for Nonprofit Leaders  

Register by tomorrow (Fri, Oct 4) to get the early-bird rate—just $40 to learn with me!


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Nothing thrills me more than travel. So what a terrific surprise it was to be invited by the folks at Connecting Up Australia to speak on messaging and train on marketing planning at their annual conference next week. My husband, Sean, and daughter Charlotte are joining me on this adventure so we can spend a bit of time vising with kangaroos and koalas, and we’ve just arrived down under!


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nonprofit communications questionsYou are my best source of blog post and article materials. You’re consistently sending me queries and asking questions on nonprofit communications, which I do my best to answer via the Getting Attention e-update and blog. Thanks for your ideas and energy!

Today though, I have questions for you. Here are a few questions that I don’t have good or current answers for, and hope you do.

If so, please answer in the comments box below or, if you’re reading this in a reader or via email, just email me.

  • I am looking for samples of an official written policy about President/CEO and staff speaking engagements to provide guidance on the process for vetting these opportunities, how to accept invitations, the topics to speak about and those to avoid, etc.
    • Have you ever seen anything like this or perhaps know of anyone I could check in with on this? —  From Gloria Royal, Director of Communications, Arcus Foundation
  • When producing numerous nonprofit communications and fundraising and print materials over the course of a year, which approach is best? — From Gary Mathews, Development Officer, The Brookwood Community
    • Bid out each project and select a printer for each based on estimates received.
    • Based on bids for proposed printing needs for the year, go with one printer for most, if not all, projects.
    • Work with a print broker which somewhat combines the two approaches.
    • What’s your advice to Gary? My answer–Gary, I don’t help clients with ongoing, high-volume print production anymore. When organizations need that, it’s usually on the fundraising side. But when I did more of that, I always bid out every job (and asked a print broker to bid as well). Over time I developed a few reliable and well-priced favorites that generally were the three or four who received the bid request, but always used the competitive nature of the request to generate the best estimate.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you with your input on these questions. Please send your nonprofit marketing questions to me and I’ll answer as many as I can (asking for help when necessary).

    P.S. Messages that connect are a priority for all organizations and the prerequisite for motivating your base to act. Learn how to craft the most essential message — your tagline. Download the Nonprofit Tagline Report, filled with must-dos, don’t dos, case studies and 2,500+ nonprofit tagline examples!

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