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Summertime, and the Marketing Is HardNow that it’s really summer, the living might be easy but the nonprofit marketing sure is hard.

What with the presidential campaign heating up with the temperatures, and people enjoying summertime distractions, it feels more challenging than ever to  get attention.

Yet I believe that there’s a real opportunity for you here to hit hard with focused, immediate-term calls for action. Clear, finite calls to action that can be swiftly accomplished, before attention veers off to the town pool or coming vacation. After all, nonprofits and corporate messages alike are a bit less prevalent during the summer. So there’s less attention, but also less clutter.

Focus hard to define what you want your audiences to do, and launch that targeted campaign. Relate to key issues being discussed in the campaign, or other page one stories, and you’re more likely to catch  interest.

As for me, I’m following my summertime muse and taking off, in 10 minutes, till next Monday. Just staying around home, spending some time with my family and garden, and listening to a bit of Gershwin, with and without bongos.

Have a great 4th!

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