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Here’s one of the most common pain points nonprofit marketers like you have just shared with me. NOTE: I’m interested in hearing your greatest pain point—Please take 2 minutes to tell me now right now.

There are so many choices these days in choosing the marketing direction forward, that it’s tough to ID the right things to do right now.

And it’s not just you. It’s the world we live in. But I have a way out for you…


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I’m on a personal campaign to decipher  nonprofit marketing jargon  so you’re able to make these strategies and tools useful. And low-hanging fruit is at the top of my list because it’s such a vital concept, but so often misunderstood.

I frequently use the phrase myself, particularly to emphasize the necessity of prioritizing low-hanging fruit in your nonprofit marketing plan. But only last month when a training participant told me she had no idea what I was talking about did I realize I’ve never been specific enough in my definition to make the concept useful. So here it is:

Definition: Low-hanging fruit for nonprofit marketers

  1. The marketing activities that will make the greatest impact with the least investment (of time and/or budget).  Example: fundraising campaign to current volunteers.
  2. The marketing activities that represent the highest risk if you don’t implement them.  Example: volunteer retention campaign.

Low-hanging fruit comes first, always! Please let me know what your  low-hanging fruit is and whether it’s at the top of your to-do list in the Comments box.

Tip of the hat to Kivi Leroux Miller.

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