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Philadelphia Orchestra Enchants Under 5s (+ Parents & GrandParents) With Sound All AroundTalk about a fun and effective way to get younger generations excited and involved, while engaging (and generating revenue from) parents and grandparents! The Philadelphia Orchestra’s (TPO) Sound All Around concerts introduce children ages 3 to 5 to the instruments of the orchestra and musical concepts through interactive presentations featuring members of the Orchestra and award-winning storyteller Charlotte Blake Alston.

Last weekend, when our daughter Charlotte and I visited my dad in Philly, he invited us to one of these 45-minute concerts. Although we’ve taken Charlotte to loads of events, most of the music has been more of the Dan Zanes variety. She loves listening to classical music and I wanted her to experience it in person.

I was absolutely amazed at rapt attention with which Charlotte and her peers listened to storyteller Charlotte and her musician friends, and equally amazed at the one to three parents and grandparents with every single child.  In addition, subscribers big and small take home the Sound All Around newsletter at every performance, with song lyrics, music-themed puzzles, concert-listener etiquette, an interview of one of the musicians of the day and recommendations for good listening. It’s definitely something I want to keep around for reference, and will continue to remind me of TPO and the series.

With Sound All Around, TPO is providing great entertainment to the community. As it does so, it’s building its fans among listeners of all ages, and reinforcing its relationship with long-standing concert goers, providing them the joy of sharing what they love with their kids and grand kids. Win win, TPO. Great nonprofit marketing.

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