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Our Public Radio Station Bringing Listeners on Board as Researchers -- Powerful Model of Engaging Your BaseThe famed Brian Lehrer Show, one of the most popular programs on WNYC, our local public radio station has opened its arms to its listeners by asking them to plow through 11,000 pages of just-released Hillary Clinton schedules from the days of Bill’s presidency. Now that’s engaging your base.

Listen to this brief audio clip from Brian Lehrer and WNYC political director Andrea Bernstein on this project), explaining how they’d like listeners to help. They hit just the right note with the invite, explaining that they have more to do than staff on the show, and need help to unwrap this very relevant history. They also guide citizen researchers, asking them to report in on anything they find intriguing, revealing or surprising; asking researchers to keep some very specific questions in mind.

Once signed on, listeners plow into the docs one week at a time, reporting back via the online discussion page. Lots of activity already; with about ten researchers reporting in daily.

Simple, elegant and absolutely engaging. The Brian Lehrer Show fills its programmatic need (research) while providing a satisfying participatory experience to listeners interested in this important story. Success and satisfaction for WYNC’s news and marketing teams alike.

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