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5 Ways to Charge Up Your Marketing Skills -- Reach Beyond Your NicheIt’s typical for most of us humans to focus on keeping up within our fields. That’s more than enough — There’s no way I can keep up with even 60% of “general” marketing and nonprofit communications content (not issue-, field- or audience-specific).

But rather than putting all my energies there, I cherry pick what’s highest value and go elsewhere for learning and inspiration. Digesting other types of content enables me to:

  • Get a clearer perspective, outside the nonprofit communications headspace.
    It’s crucial but challenging to do so if that’s what you focus on. But remember, most folks your organization is  reaching out to aren’t in that space.
  • Harvest strategies from those working in other industries and functions.
  • Refresh your mind and your creativity.

Here is some of my favorite brain candy:

  1. Water Words that Work is written by a communicator in the environmental field for his peers. OK, this is communications but it’s so specialized that I learn strategies that I’ve never thought of before.
  2. Boomers gives me insights I need to know to help organizations motivate this generation so crucial to org impact.
  3. Serious Eats, the world’s most delicious cooking blog, provides a wealth of delicious writing. I’m frequently inspired by the fluent language and tone of these food writers (and have made many of the recipes as well, all superb to date). Food isn’t everyone’s thing but if it’s one of yours, it’s hard to beat a memorable phrase like “the crisper whisperer.”
  4. Zen Habits helps me keep focused and productive. Blogger Leo Babauta walks his talk and shares those experiences. No loosey goosey here — just strong, clear writing and useful insights into how humans work. BTW, Leo is a masterful headline crafter. Take a look at these blog post titles.
  5. Arts Marketing is one of those “I just found this but why didn’t I know about it before” discoveries. Like Water Words that work, this is a specialized blog (arts marketing is quite a difference beast due to the ticket sale element). Fantastic strong opinions, and lots of great ideas to integrate into your communications.

Please share your favorite brain candy with the Getting Attention community by commenting on this post. I’m always hungry for more!

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