Take 90 minutes and $40 to Learn How Your Web Site Contributes to Marketing Successes, or Not

Take 90 minutes and $40 to Learn How Your Web Site Contributes to Marketing Successes, or NotIt’s pretty much a given that nonprofits count on their Web sites to broadcast information and news to a wide range of target audiences, and to engage at some of these folks targets in online conversation, program registration, giving or another of a host of interactive options.

But, as the findings of my 2007 Getting Attention Marketing survey brought to light, only 37% of nonprofit communicators are tracking marketing initiative impact. And probably even fewer of you put in place, much less use, the tracking necessary to really understand what’s working and what’s not Web wise.

Don’t shy away. Tracking, and interpreting, site usage — particularly basic but critical data such as where users are coming from, which pages they spend most time on and where they seem to get confused and jump off — is one of the easiest and most productive ways to evaluate your marketing work. Just set up the software (aka Web analytics) to capture what you need and you’re off.

Now Idealware, a trusted guide for nonprofits striving to capitalize on is offering a low-cost Webinar to teach you how to set up your Web stats program to get the data you need, and how to interpret and use results. On September 27th, with an investment of only $40 and 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to milk those stats for all they’re worth. Go to it.

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