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The 8 Key Elements for Effective Internal Communications -- Ask Nancy Q:   I'm developing a communications plan for a client, but it's not focused on reaching the media (as many plans are). This is about generating visibility internally at a large institution.

I have meetings scheduled with key members of the institution to collect ideas, but I'm hoping you'll share your ideas on core elements for a plan to communicate within a complex environment.

My instinct is to consider messaging, audiences, media, resources required, measurements of success. What am I missing?

–Noelle, Communications Consultant

A:  Dear Noelle,

Great question and good you're asking now, before you dive in.

You've made a great start with your list. But include these additions and clarifications:

  1. Goals — What you're trying to achieve
  2. Measurable objectives — What tangible outcomes will indicate campaign success or need for fine-tuning
  3. For Audiences — Who you have to engage to meet your goals
  4. Strategies (rather than media) — Building awareness or engagement, or motivating action, and channels that lead there (likely to include building buy-in and training for any internal communications work)
  5. Tactical work plan — What gets done when
  6. Roles and responsibilities — Who does what. You'll want to build a team of messengers throughout the organization, way beyond you and your client there.
  7. Budget
  8. Evaluation and campaign revision

Let me know how the planning goes, Noelle, and what the outcome is.

Best of luck,

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