Think Before You Speak: Messages Matter

Think Before You Speak Messages MatterWe just received this fund-raising piece from the adoption agency we worked through to adopt our daughter, Charlotte. Couldn’t believe it.

Obviously, we are very supportive of the agency and their work in bringing families together. However, its marketing messages are off base time and time again, which makes us question the strength of the operation.

This latest piece takes the cake though! When you hear the expression “icing on the cake,” it usually means something extra. Something not really necessary.

But these folks are using “icing on the cake” in a way most people won’t understand, in a way that’s completely different from the common meaning.  This crazy message sloppiness just doesn’t make sense to us, and frankly, at a time when money is tight and giving is limited, makes us question whether we’ll give at all.

Think before your speak and test your messages with folks outside your organization. If you don’t, you’re going to confuse, annoy and possibly alienate your network. That’s the last thing you want to do.

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