This Video Grabbed Me Hard — Here’s How Online Video Can Boost Your Nonprofit Marketing

I asked fellow bloggers to weigh in on best practices in nonprofit use of online video (the faintest outlines are just appearing as it’s a whole new world) for this week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants.  Here’s my take, which I’ll introduce by sharing a Greenpeace video that had a huge impact on me and explaining why it works:

  • The imagery grabs me:
    • It’s so different from how we’re used to seeing children — we’ve comfortable and familiar with seeing children in bright colors, playing happily. This child narrator is almost post-apocalyptic; frightening but 150% compelling.
    • It’s stark, monochromatic and exceedingly simple. I think it’s yet another example of less is more.
  • His narrative is startling; angry, grave, serious, graphic. I feel that as an adult, I owe it to him to listen, and to act.
  • Blame is assigned to adults, like me. It makes me want to do better. The immediacy of being blamed makes me sit up and listen.
  • It’s short(1:43) but includes everything I need to know, including a call to action.
  • Surprise is the strategy of success here. Just as I find that surprising my 4-year-old (let’s say with a new strategy to get her to dress quickly for school) always works, we all respond to what’s different. Here’s a child demanding his rights, which he does deserve. Video offers an almost endless number of opportunities for surprise — in narrative, in background sound or music, in imagery.

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