Timing for Nonprofit Marketing Impact: Relevance Rules

Nothing is more important than communicating the right message to a specific target audience at the right place and time! This kind of relevance is vital for connecting with your network and prospects to move your mission forward. And relevance rules in 2012 (click here for your complete how-to guide).

Marketer Dan Zarrella, creator of the illuminating infographic at left,  says it well: It’s like when you’re at a noisy party and it’s hard to hear the person talking to you two feet away, but suddenly you say something awkward and the room quiets down. Now everyone can hear you. The same is true with the internet. When there is less other noise to compete with (ie fewer Tweets, emails, direct mail asks, blog posts, etc), your content can gain attention more easily. But…
… that’s just part of the timing equation–
Before you focus on finding the lulls, pinpoint your audiences’ open-minded moments.  Learn when and where your network and prospects are most likely to be open to hearing your call to action then, as Dan Z. advises, look for the lulls within those periods when your call to action is more likely to be absorbed.

More examples of Right Place, Right Time marketing here:

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