TobaccoScam Targets Restaurant Owners via Ads in Trade Publications

I was shocked to find a smokefree-in-restaurants ad when thumbing through the most recent issue of Restaurant News (my husband hopes to be a restaurateur in his next life). The ad, placed by the TobaccoScam project (funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), features a DC restaurant owner who explains that when he went smokefree, after his jazz performers insisted on it, business increased, rather than decreased as he had feared.

TobaccoScam targets restaurant owners who are so frequently manipulated by the tobacco industry to view smokefree environments as less profitable (warning that going smokefree will cause business to drop, while trying to sell owners on costly, ineffective ventilation systems). This striking series of ads (this one is the 20th) in the restaurant media was launched in 2002. Each black-and-white ad (the color scheme conveys seriousness) attests powerfully to the fact that "big tobacco is lying again." The ads are radically different, in look and content, than every other ad in these publications. And, in a situation like this one, nothing speaks as strongly to the positive outcomes of going smokefree than testimonials from fellow restaurateurs. Way to go TobaccoScam.

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