Today Is Virtual Back to School Day — Charter School Org Uses Online Technologies to Re-Create First Day of School, with Expert Insights

Could there be a better day (almost every child I know is going back to school this week) to draw attention to charter schools? Nope. And the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is capitalizing on it with its Virtual Back to School Day.

The Alliance has put together a day of live online chats with charter school experts, designed to give audiences the latest information and insights on the most pressing issues facing charter schools today, including funding, facilities and legislated caps. Speakers and perspectives vary greatly, from Florida Governor Jeb Bush on recent charter school legislation to a mixed panel (one each charter school principal, teacher and parent) parent/teacher conference on how parents and teachers partner in the charter school setting.

I admire the way the Alliance has structured, and scheduled, its Back to School Day. This innovative event seems destined to engage supporters, leverage high profile connections and take advantage of the news cycle (nothing better than timing feature stories to a news story, or, as in this case, even another feature — the return to school).

Participants have the opportunity to submit questions (at the time of each online event, or before hand) to the interviewees. Responses will be available long term. Drop into school today, and learn something new about charter schools.

(Virtual Back to School Day announcement via Online Community Report/Forum One Communications.)

NOTE: Virtual Back to School Day is run on Forum One’s new hosted service Live! Interviews Online which provides a flexible moderated interview format. The folks at the Alliance characterize the service as inexpensive and easy to setup and use.

Definitely worth a try for a donors “day in the field,” volunteer meeting with leadership, media interview with several of your organization’s issue experts or to jump start a new advocacy campaign.

Take a look at how the World Bank and Conservation International are using Live! Interviews Online:

Don’t forget to update me on results if you give the service a try.

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