Trumpet Your Nonprofit Marketing Successes — PRNewsWire Announces Nonprofit Marketing Award Submissions Due August 18

PR News is calling for entries for its second annual Nonprofit PR Awards, with all entries due August 18. The awards are open to all associations, nonprofits, government agencies, NGOs and their agency partners, and are made in a broad range of categories, including advocacy campaigns, crisis management and membership communications.

Thank you, PR News. It’s been way too long that our sector has been without these award programs, that are so popular in the for-profit marketing sector, and bring satisfaction to winners and great models to their peers. And here, finally, is an addition to the handful of reward programs that cover nonprofit marketing. Go nonprofit marketers, go.

I urge you to enter. First of all, you deserve the recognition. Secondly, entering is a great motivator for reviewing your work over the last year, analyzing the greatest successes and framing them for the marketing universe at large. Do it.

Need inspiration? Take a look at last year’s award winners.

P.S. There is a fee of $225 per entry. I don’t quite no why but didn’t receive a response when I queried the appointed contact at PR News. I’d say that’s a bad PR move for PR News.After all, they get great attention from the program. Wouldn’t you think that would be fair trade for the time it takes to run it?

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