Tsunami Tragedy Begets Small Triumphs—How Unicef’s PR Worked Wonders

I just read a great interview with UNICEF’s Lisa Szarkowski, Managing Director of Public Relations. Lisa tells the amazing story how, in the face of an incredible disaster which generated suffering on the part of adults and children alike, UNICEF delivered an unprecedented response to breaking news, diligent preparedness, on-the-spot spokespersons and implementation. As a result, no children died from measles, typhoid or cholera as a result of the disaster—a testament to the media’s ability to galvanize public support … and to UNICEF’s quick thinking.

Lisa cites the following factors as key to UNICEF’s success:

  • Being prepared. UNICEF had been preparing for a disaster like this for years
  • Building media responsiveness into that preparedness
  • Capitalize on online communications to extend reach and save time.

Read more about this UNICEF case study, and Lisa’s insightful comments on working in nonprofit communications, in the full article at Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog.

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