Two Surefire Ways to Get Your Nonprofit Website Up & Running — Cheap, Quick & Easy

If your nonprofit still doesn’t have a web presence, and you believe you don’t have the money or the time to invest in developing one, I have two alternatives to suggest:

1) Consider starting a blog, which is a simple way to set-up and manage a web presence, instead of a more traditional you-to-them website.That way you can brand your nonprofit with its own domain name, i.e.

2) If you feel strongly that a traditional website is the way to go, provides a free, template-driven website, with hosting, to nonprofit organizations. The tool is quick and easy to set up. You type in the content you want on your site, and the template tool formats and designs it for you.

The down side?

  • Your site has a address (i.e. than one that brands your organization.
  • Page design and layout options are limited.

Ken Gross, in his Nonprofit Consultants Blog, is right on target when he recommends that only minimally-funded or staffed organizations at the local level, like PTAs, consider using the free service. Personally, I think the blog approach offers more flexibility and impact.

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