Update to Citizen Advocates Generates Excitement and Long-Term Engagement

Like many folks I know, I am a frequent online advocate. I’ve signed up with those organizations whose advocacy efforts I support so that, when the time is right, they email me to send an online letter to the right representatives. Usually all I need to do is click a few buttons (most systems retain your information after the first time you enter it) so my advocacy is almost effortless. Nonetheless, I do care about the issues, and am always disspointed not to hear a peep back about what happens.

You can imagine my satisfaction last week when I received an email from my statewide Planned Parenthood, thanking me for my advocacy in convincing my assemblyperson to support the Contraceptive Equity Bill. Even better, PP informed me that the bill had been passed and added a human face to the campaign by including a photo of leading legislators who fought for the bill with PP staff members and volunteers. I was excited to have participated in a winning campaign,
gratified at a personal level to see the faces of those on the front lines, and charged up for the next round.

The Planned Parenthood communicators were on the ball here. And, they gave me the opportunity to "tell a friend" with the click of a button, while I was so excited. All in all , a great example of proactive communication.

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