Use This Sea Change in Our Country to Shake-Up Your Marketing Point-of-View

Use This Sea Change in Our Country to Shake-Up Your Marketing Point-of-ViewObama's inauguration is a huge change for our country. The crowd in DC and the record-breaking count of CNN watchers shouts that strong and clear.

Among many, there's a palpable sigh of relief today, and a massive return of hope. Less comfort for others; but still recognition of a huge change.

So YOUR MARKETING has to change too. Effective communication starts with your understanding of whom you're having a discussion with and her perspective, passions and needs. When any of those change, even an iota, then your communication has to change — in message, channel, focus, and more.

"The time has come." The good news is that change opens people up to new possibilities. So, despite the hard work this will take, it's likely that your effort will grow and strengthen your network tremendously.

As Obama says, "We are the change we seek."

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