Weinergate’s 5 Communications Lessons for Nonprofits

Thanks to guest blogger Joan Stewart for sharing her timely advice.

What a week for learning about crisis communications! Here are five important lessons that Rep. Anthony Weiner taught nonprofit communicators. You’ve heard them all before but Weiner’s massive missteps clarify how important they really are:

  1. Never lie. Weiner thought he could fib his way through the crisis. But at almost every media interview, he got himself tangled up in his own lies and kept changing his story.
  2. Don’t criticize the messenger. Weiner called a reporter a “jackass” for asking a logical question, and that showed he was combative.
  3. Prepare talking points and stick to them. Weiner agreed to numerous media interviews but kept digging a deeper hole because he wasn’t prepared.
  4. When dumping bad news, tell it all, tell it first and tell it fast. The drip-drip-drip of bad news throughout the last two weeks helped this story grow long legs.
  5. Take full responsibility and apologize. Weiner claims “responsibility for my actions” but adamantly says he won’t resign. Expect politicians from both parties to pile on throughout the week and keep this story at the top of the news. A resignation would end the media frenzy.

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