Welcome to Condom Country

That’s the campaign tagline for a pre-Brokeback Mountain safe sex campaign, launched by the Canadian government in 2001. The makers must have been prescient.

More importantly, I discovered this at Houtlust, a European-based always-looking blog on social marketing worldwide. Mr. Houtlust pulls down great models from around the world. As a subscriber to his blog feed, I’m kept abreast on models, innovations, crazy approaches worldwide. Worth a look, regularly.

Here are some of the most high-impact (simple but powerful is what always speaks to me) campaigns Houtlust has pushed to me:

  • Mobbing (on bullying in the workplace)
  • With One Simple Click (World Wildlife Fund’s international fundraising campaign, this is the Romanian version)
  • And the most compelling — Children See, Children Do (on the certainty that children will imitate adult behavior including emotional and physical abuse, littering and smoking, from  Australia’s National Commission for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

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