What Do You Call Your Work? Nonprofit Marketing, Communications, or….

What Do You Call Your Work Nonprofit Marketing, Communications, orNonprofit communications blogger Kivi Miller wonders how you define your work. Is it nonprofit communications, nonprofit marketing, pr, or something all together? Take a minute to answer Kivi’s poll .

Her report on results will be using in shaping a common vernacular for the field.

What I know (and have learned through pursuit of my MBA, and from great marketers in our field) is that formally speaking — marketing is the overarching work we do.

Marketing incorporates several strategies, including:

  • Communications (which includes PR, as well as direct marketing, online communications, trade shows, etc.)
  • Service/product development (what, how packaged, how priced or funded)
  • Social marketing (to change behavior)
  • Planning — goals, objectives, target audiences, strategies, tactics, budget, work plan, measures of success
  • Message development

More, much more and worth a read, in the bible of nonprofit marketing — Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations by Alan R. Andreasen and Philip Kotler.

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