Infographics CAN Work – Here’s How

Worth a 1,001 Words Thanks to Fast Company for highlighting this fantastic example of effective graphic communication. Take a look here to digest the entire poster, then move quickly to hide your bottle of water under your desk.

More seriously, this is graphic communication at its finest. I learned (and retain) more about the detriment that bottled water production contributes to our world (and our health, in some cases) in five minutes here than I ever would have in digesting a few paragraphs of text.

Graphics are a definite advantage in making complex and/or dense information (the kind nonprofits have lots of) more accessible and memorable. And my graphic learning experience is making me think hard about how I can help client orgs communicate more effectively via non-traditional graphics.

How are you using graphic information to complement your narrative content? Please share your experiences with the Getting Attention community in the Comments field below.

BTW, here’s an incredible resource for visual definitions of complex concepts. My six year old adores this one.

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