Rocking the Red Kettle–A Fun, Fresh Take on a Year-End Appeal

This fresh take (view video here) on the Salvation Army’s decades-old kettle campaign motivated two dozen folks to give in the few minutes I was standing there.  That’s far more than I’ve ever seen respond to the traditional Salvation Army holiday bell ringer.

Relevance is the path to your marketing success in 2012. And I urge you to follow the Salvation Army’s lead in keeping in touch with their supporters and prospects, and responding to their wants, needs and preferences.

Rocking the red kettle is just one part of the Salvation Army’s response. Kudos to them for noticing that the world was changing, accepting they had to change with it, listening to learn how to do it right and launching a great campaign. It’s all about being willing to adapt and the Salvation Army is rocking it!

Read this guide to relevance that rules and get on it today!

What are your strategies for getting to know your target audiences, logging and managing those insights and putting them to work? Please share them here.

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