Start Your Year-End Fundraising Now

I’m thrilled to be planning and writing the year-end appeal for the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless (ECHH).

Coalition staff members and volunteers are powerhouse advocates for those who have lost their homes (or are about to) in Union County, N.J. And it’s a rare treat for me to help advance the mission of an organization so dedicated to serving a community close to home.

Here’s an example of their dedication: If a homeless individual or family needs a bed for a night (or more), the ECHH team will call around for an available bed
until they find a solution

They just don’t quit.

Instead, they persist until they get what their clients need, no matter what it takes. That’s a memorable differentiator to feature in the year-end appeal. Because that’s just how we want people to respond when we need help, right?

This is just one out take from the brainstorming I’ve been doing with the Coalition team since mid-summer. Because if you want to motivate the greatest year-end giving, you to have to start shaping your campaign (and asking) way before year end.

Plan a series of compelling communications—cross-channel and relevant to key points in the calendar year—that builds in power over the course of the next few months.

So start today. Many of us need to be asked more than once!

How do you structure your year-end campaign? When do you start? How do you build? Please share what’s worked, and failed, for you here.

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