You Have to Build Blog Readership Through Smart Promotion

Just as in the nascent days of websites, lots of nonprofits (and other organizations) have the "build it and they will come" mentality. Not true. Promotion is as critical element as content in blog impact.  Because if you don’t have an, your blog contributes nothing to your marketing and communications goals.

I’ll be covering blog promotion often. there are several techniques that should all be implemented. Today it’s links. Links are commonly overlooked in guides to blog marketing (aka optimization) which generally focus on keywords (researching your audiences keywords–used for searching the web–and intgrating them into posts, post titles, tags, etc.)  But according to online marketing expert Lee Odden, the value of generating links to your blog are hugely underestimated.

Lee proposes that, "to think that researching and placing keywords in the “right places” alone with improve a blog’s traffic is only part of the story since blogs are simply websites with some special features." Building website traffic necessitates several tactics and the same goes for blogs.

But, you have to capitalize on these linking opportunities for blogs that aren’t usable for website promotion:

  • Trackbacks
  • Comments (make comments on related posts in other blogs, pointing back to your organization’s blog)
  • Social bookmarking (trying to get others to add your site to their public bookmark list)
  • Tagging (adding subject tags to the end of each post that are then linked through blog search engines listing posts on that subject)
  • Blogrolls (like the one at left, try to get on the rolls of other blogs your audience reads)
  • Guest writing on other blogs (great op. I’m inviting my first round of guests now. Trying to get the chance to guest write elsewhere)
  • Blog, RSS directories (like Technorati)
  • Plus all the link placement strategies you use for your website including link placement on like  sites, search engine submission, press release distribution through PRWeb.

"A steady stream of inbound links from a variety of relevant and authoritative sources can make a night and day difference for your blog’s search engine positioning and quantity/quality of referring visitors," says Odden.

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