Get National Press Release Exposure for the Cost of a Local Announcement

Are you using a wire service to extend your press release distribution? Your organization should be capitalizing on this well-priced means of transmitting your press releases directly into newsrooms, news and information databases, and to other newshounds.

Journalists use the wire services night and day to find other perspectives, locate experts in a particular field, and catch up on key issues. By using a wire service, you make it easy for reporters and other media professionals to find your news. You’re going to where they are, every day. Many journalists rely greatly on web access to the wire services to scan releases.

When you’re selecting a wire service, make sure to check on rate structures. Take a look at BusinessWire, PR Newswire, and Ascribe. BusinessWire and PR Newswire price according to geographic distribution. Ascribe prices distribution at a flat fee of $375 for national distribution, discounted if you’re a member and purchase a distribution package for five or more releases.

Most wire service distribution fees are lower when you opt for multiple release distribution or become a member. Make sure that you are comparing like services when you evaluate release distribution pricing.

One inexpensive way to get wide distribution for your release is through a local distribution of your release on BusinessWire or PR Newswire. A nationally distributed release, for instance, through Business Wire is $476. But a local distribution, such as Dallas, costs $96. For that $96, you reach local TV, radio, and newspapers, and you get full web distribution. That means that when you pay for the cheapest local distribution, your release still appears immediately on AOL, Yahoo,, CBSMarketWatch, Hoovers, Lycos, and NewsAlert, in addition to going to the region’s TV and radio stations and newspapers.

(NOTE: Prices quoted above are for distribution of a single release with Business Wire’s 20% discount for nonprofit organizations. BusinessWire users must pay an annual membership fee of $100.)