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Communications Coordinator (PT) World Affairs Council of Oregon (Portland, OR)

Communications Specialist  The Health Trust (San Jose, CA)

Communications Specialist, School Improvement & Marketing Manager Southern Regional Education Board (Atlanta, GA)

Events Director/Consultant & External Relations Associate END Fund (New York, NY)


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Within the first five minutes of meeting Leili Khalessi last year, I learned that she and her colleagues were in the process of rebranding their organization, including a new name. As Marketing and Communications Manager with (what is now) Red Rover, Leili was right in the middle of that challenging project. So I jumped on the opportunity to ask if she’d share the organization’s experience in this marketing adventure.

Most important takeaways:

  1. Pinpoint the problem you’re trying to solve with your marketing decisions, especially when it’s as big as a new name
  2. Ensure your organizational name/brand is recognized (and repeatable), before you invest in program branding. If you don’t, you’re likely to end up with people thinking your organization provides that one program only, which limits your growth in size and direction.

Here’s part one of this useful case study:


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Powerful Nonprofit Message
Breath this in deeply. It’s a strong model of that golden communications rule: Show, Don’t Tell.

Here, on its Facebook page, Breast Cancer Action (BCA) zigs rather than zags, with memorable results. See post in full size here.

Most nonprofits would have simply told folks that  pink-labeled water bottles is pinkwashing, and leave it at that. But…


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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here

new-jobwebCommunications & Graphic Design Manager, Algiers Charter School Association (New Orleans, LA)

Communications Associate, The Hatcher Group (Bethesda, MD)

Communications Director, Venture Philanthropy Partners (Washington, DC)


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Home BaseWay back when, when social media was new-ish (let’s say 2007), I used this classic baseball analogy to illustrate how social media fit into the communications universe.

   1) Website as home base, with email as pitcher (no hits without the pitcher)
2) Core social media platforms (now Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) as inside bases
3) Other social media platforms as the outfield.

Then, for so many organizations, social media platforms took precedence—capturing our imagination and anxiety (if not the impact)—over more traditional online and offline marketing… READ MORE

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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here

Digital Communications ManagerOpportunity1 and Communications Content Specialist, Hunt Alternatives (Washington, DC and Cambridge, MA)

Digital Marketing Specialist, National 4-H Council
(Chevy Chase, MD)

Director of Audience Development & Communications, WETA (Arlington, VA)


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Donor LoveDonor communications that connect—that appreciate, energize and activate your prospects and donors—are THE key to fundraising success. That’s nothing new.

What you may not know though, is how few organizations do donor communications well. So if that’s your organization, you’re not alone!

Now—with the release of Integrated Fundraising: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, by Mal Warwick/DonorDigital—we have proof of the ways most donor communications fail, and the impact that failure makes. If you’ve asked for resources to strengthen donor communications and have been turned down, or just haven’t found the time to tackle them, here’s the kick-in-the-pants you need.


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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here

keepcalmwebCommunications Associate for Digital Media, Advancement Project (Washington, DC)

Communications/Marketing Associate, ACLU (New York, NY)

Communications Manager, The Museum of the African Diaspora
(San Francisco, CA)

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recalibrateI know your fall is booting up big time—on right-now to-dos, end-of-year campaigns and thinking/talking on what to do differently and better next year. Same here, and for our client orgs.

But—thanks to pulling myself away from work for a much-needed sabbatical—I’m seeing what’s ahead for me and Getting far more clearly than ever before.

Now, two months later, I’m back to work and focused on bringing my new professional vision to life. That’s:

  1. Finding a way to keep doing what I love (that stays put—guiding nonprofits like yours to build & strengthen relationships with donors, volunteers and more, via marketing & communications);
  2. While making enough money to co-support our family (no change there); BUT…drum roll here
  3. Shifting my decision-making framework to center on family, friends and the issues that mean the most to me.


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Yes you can—Find, Shape & Share Stories that Activate Your Supporters. Join me on October 1 in NYC. But register right now. Just a few seats remain.

In the competition for attention, connection and action, CHOOSING WHAT TO TALK ABOUT and HOW is one of the most powerful marketing methods your nonprofit has. But many organizations leave this game-changer undeveloped or overlooked altogether.

That’s where the right stories come in, and they have far too much potential to ignore! So don’t . Instead…
Join me for this intensive (but totally fun!) hands-on workshop, Wednesday, October 1 in New York City. In just three hours, you’ll finish with a draft story ready to use, and the skills and tools to create more!

Register right now. Just a few seats left.

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