Learn about how a Google Grants agency can transform your grant management strategies.

Google Grants Agency: Picking the Best Partner & 12 Firms

Since 2003, Google has offered the Google Ad Grant program to 501(c)(3) nonprofits and empowered them to take their digital marketing to the next level. Eligible organizations receive $10,000 in the form of ad credits every month to host advertising campaigns on Google. So, if you’re looking to get your nonprofit content in front of the right eyes, the Google Ad Grant is perfect for you, and a professional Google Grants agency can help you make the most of your free funding.

When first encountering the program, many nonprofits don’t realize that just because the Google Grant board approved their website and account, it doesn’t mean that the program will automatically bring meaningful results. Ad campaigns require consistent upkeep, performance tracking, and compliance with Google’s official account requirements. Not complying can even result in your account being suspended.

That’s why we recommend working with a Google Grants agency. Professional Google Ad Grant agencies devote their time to researching the program’s compliance requirements, mastering the application process, proactively researching the best keywords, and making the most of each nonprofit’s grant money.

However, you need to put thought behind the Google Grants agency you hire to make sure you agree with their approach. To help start your search and ensure you partner with the right professional, this guide will walk through:

  1. What Is A Google Grants Agency?
  2. Common Services That A Google Grants Agency Will Offer
  3. The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Google Ad Grant Manager
  4. What To Look For in a Google Ad Grant Agency
  5. 5 Key Questions To Ask Your Google Grants Agency
  6. 12 Best Google Ad Grant Agencies
  7. Next Steps for Your Google Grants Strategy

Here at Getting Attention, we work side-by-side with nonprofits to get their accounts approved and maximize their campaigns’ performance. As a Google Grants agency ourselves, we believe in the power that effective Google Ad Grant management holds for nonprofits. The program can truly take your nonprofit marketing to the next level. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste! Let’s get started so you can partner with the right Google Ad Grant manager.

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Let’s explore what a Google Grants agency is and why you might hire one.

What Is A Google Grants Agency?

A Google Grants agency is a business composed of experts that help nonprofits manage their Google Ads accounts. A professional agency will handle many aspects of Google Grant management, including eligibility confirmation, program applications, keyword research, ad creation, compliance with the program’s rules, and account reactivation if needed. Their goal is to help nonprofits build awareness for their cause and create high-converting campaigns that are meaningful to their work.

Many nonprofits turn to general marketing professionals to help set up, develop, and maintain their Google Ad campaigns. However, the Google Ad Grant program is not like other Google Ads accounts.

For one thing, the Google Ad Grant program has extremely specific requirements and guidelines that organizations must meet. Failing to comply will result in account suspension. Additionally, regular Google Ad accounts actually have to pay per ad-click, whereas Google Grant participants can display their advertisements for free (up to $10,000/month).

A dedicated Google Grants agency spends its time understanding these compliance requirements and learning how to leverage the program’s tools.
A Google Grants agency might offer these common services to your nonprofit.

Common Services That A Google Grants Agency Will Offer

A Google Ad Grant agency can do more than just set your Google Grant account up. In fact, professional agencies can work side-by-side with you every step of the way, resulting in stronger marketing campaigns and more meaningful results.

Before speaking with or even researching specific agencies, you should understand common services that nonprofits find useful. That way, you can determine the areas in which you need help and enter your conversations with Google Grants agencies with confidence.

Partner with a Google Grants agency for help with grant compliance, application, and account management.

Google Grant Application

Are you looking to get started with the Google Ad Grant for the first time? If you don’t already have your account set up, a Google Grants agency can help you get started. They’ll help you check your eligibility first. Then, they’ll guide you through the application process, ensuring that your website and accounts get approved on the first try.

These are the application requirements they can help with:

  • Creating a Google for Nonprofits account — This account is not only necessary for Google Grants, but can also provide access to services like Google Workspace for Nonprofits, YouTube Nonprofit Program, and Google Earth and Maps. The application is available through Google for Nonprofits, and the right Google Grants agency can fill it out for you.
  • Registering with TechSoup.org — To verify your Google for Nonprofits account, you’ll need to register your organization with TechSoup.org. TechSoup provides a Validation Token that Google uses to verify your eligibility and confirm your Google for Nonprofits account. If you’ve never registered your organization with TechSoup, a Google Grants agency can help you sign up for an account.
  • Installing Google Analytics on your websiteGoogle Analytics is essential for not only your own data tracking purposes, but it is also a requirement that all websites need prior to applying.
  • Ensuring your website has valuable and promotable content — To get the grant, you’ll need to submit your website for review to the Google Ad Grants team. To ensure you remain eligible, a Google Grants agency can assist in optimizing your web presence and online content.
  • Holding current and valid charity status — You’ll need a current 501(c)(3) status to receive the Google Grant. The right Google Ad Grant agency can make sure that your documents and registrations are all up to date.
  • Obtaining a valid SSL certificate — A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate authenticates a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection. You’ll need an SSL certificate on your nonprofit website to move forward.
  • Agreeing to Google Nonprofit Terms – To apply for a Google Grant, nonprofits need to agree and comply with Google’s Nonprofit Terms of Service. Google Grants agencies can walk through the terms and ensure that their clients know exactly what they’re signing up for.

It’s simple — if your nonprofit organization holds valid charity status and your website is well-developed and promotable, then you’ll most likely get the Google Grant. Partner with a Google Grants agency to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that the application process goes smoothly.

Google Grant Account Management

Once you’re approved for the Google Ad Grant program, the real work begins. Managing your campaigns can be difficult, especially when you have other projects to juggle and events to plan for your organization.

To help you make the most of your allotted $10,000 each month and drive meaningful conversions, a Google Grants agency will offer the following account management services:

  • Create, maintain, and optimize ad campaigns — Ideally, a healthy Google Grant account has 3-5 ongoing campaigns to drive results. A Google Grants agency can keep track of these campaigns, report on performance, and refine your online content to continuously improve your ads. They can even provide a live dashboard and reporting with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager so that you can get a sense of your goal progress in real-time.
  • Maintain account hygiene — Don’t worry about having to maintain your data! A Google Grants agency can eliminate outdated and unnecessary data hindering your work.
  • Optimize online website content — As your Google Grants account matures, you’ll find that certain content will need updating or that you’ll need to create whole new pages just to serve your audience’s needs. A Google Grants agency can help with researching keywords that are relevant to your mission and assist with any landing page relaunches or redesigns to drive online traffic and conversions.
  • Consistently check up on your account — Working on your account is an ongoing process. A Google Ad Grant agency will consistently check in with your account and campaigns to ensure that they are doing all they can to promote your mission and increase target actions.
  • Get your account reactivated and compliantManaging a Google Ad Grants account can be confusing, and account suspensions do happen. Suspension is often due to poor account maintenance or a failure to comply with Google Grant guidelines. If your account is suspended, getting it reactivated can be a somewhat painstaking process. Partnering with a professional who knows the ins and outs of the Google Grant compliance rules is your smartest option.

Don’t worry if you don’t spend the full $10,000 each month. Your Google Ad Grant manager knows the ultimate goal isn’t to spend the entire grant, but rather, it’s to use what you can to drive conversions and see measurable results for your organization. It’s much more valuable to spend fewer ad credits and focus on smaller campaigns for a targeted audience than scrambling to spend the entire amount.

Google Grant Compliance

One of the most prominent roles of a Google Grants agency is to keep nonprofits’ accounts in compliance with the program’s guidelines. Otherwise, without full compliance, your account is at risk of being deactivated.

Google revisits and updates its policies from time to time, so the official compliance page will be your best bet if you want to check up on the rules. Here are some of the most important requirements that a Google Ad Grant manager will handle for you:


A Google Grants agency will research and choose the best keywords related to your mission. Some of the rules they’ll ensure your campaigns adhere to include:

  • Do not use single-word keywords unless it is one of the approved exceptions.
  • Avoid overly generic keywords that don’t indicate the searcher’s intent. For example, this might include ‘“free videos”, “e-books”, or “today’s news”.
  • Ensure your keyword quality has a score higher than 2. Google calculates keyword quality scores based on expected clickthrough rate, how closely your ad matches the intent behind a user’s search, and landing page experience. A Google Grants agency will check your quality score on a regular basis to pause non-permitted keywords. Explore these qualities more on Google’s Quality Score page.


A Google Ad Grant manager will help you manage your data and make adjustments in compliance with the program’s rules. Some of the data regulations they’ll follow include:

  • Maintain a 5% clickthrough rate (CTR) each month. CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown. For example, if you had 5 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 5%. A Google Grants agency will keep an eye on your CTR and make adjustments to the ads and landing pages if your campaigns are underperforming.
  • Have valid conversion tracking set up through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. A Google Grants agency will set up conversion tracking, monitor your performance, and make adjustments to ensure you’re meeting the minimum of one conversion per month.

Account Structure

Google employs rules regarding the structure your account must follow. A Google Grants agency will understand the required structure, including rules such as:

  • Have at least 2 ads per ad group, with at least 2 ad groups per campaign.
  • Have at least 2 sitelink ad extensions.
  • Respond to the annual program survey sent to the login email addresses on each Ad Grants account.

Bottom line: A Google Grants agency will keep your Ad Grant account in check and ensure that it’s fully compliant with all of the rules, even as Google updates them. Make sure that the Google Ad Grant manager you partner with is able to support your needs as your account grows and evolves.
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There are several reasons you might hire a Google Grants agency.

The Benefits of Hiring a Google Grants Agency

Partnering with a professional will drastically enhance your Google Ad capabilities. Especially when you hire an agency that’s solely focused on Google Grants, you can rely on them to fully understand how to stay compliant, pick the best keywords for your cause, and generate high-converting ads. Ultimately, they’ll empower you to get the absolute most out of your grant money and put your ads in front of likely prospects.

Here are some of the core benefits you should expect:

    • Fast setup. The application process for the Ad Grants program is pretty lengthy. A Google Grants agency will handle the entire application process for you, then get your ads up and running as soon as your account is approved.
    • Consistent optimization. A key reason for nonprofits to outsource work to an agency is their insight into campaign creation and maintenance. After your ads have been up and running for awhile, they’ll review the data, determine if any improvements can be made, and then implement those optimizations.
    • Clear reporting. Even if you work with data on a daily basis, understanding your ad campaigns’ performance data can be tricky. A Google Ad Grant manager will interpret this data for you, making sure you understand what’s going well and what can be improved.

These are the core benefits of hiring a Google Ad Grant manager.

These professionals have in-depth knowledge of the program’s requirements, features, and tools, so you can spend all of your time focusing on other areas of your organization. All in all, partnering with a Google Ad Grant agency can be incredibly beneficial — so long as you spend time choosing the right one for your team. This brings us to our next topic!
Here’s what you should look for in your Google Grants agency.

What To Look For in a Google Ad Grant Agency

Picking the right Google Ad Grant agency primarily means finding a knowledgeable professional who offers the services you need. Thousands of agencies will say that they can help with the Google Ad Grant, but only a few dozen spend their time fully understanding compliance rules and best practices for ad creation.

You don’t want to partner with a poorly-managed agency and get your account suspended just because they do not fully understand Google’s compliance requirements. To avoid having to go through the process of reactivating your account, a knowledgeable Google Grant agency is essential.

Look for these particular qualities:

  • A focus on Google Ad Grants — Many marketing agencies offer a variety of different services, with the Google Ad Grant being just one of them. More often than not, an agency dedicated to Google Grants or with a core focus on it is your best bet. With a team that focuses solely on the program, you’re sure to know when new features are available or compliance guidelines change.
  • A fair pricing model — The prices that agencies charge can span quite a bit, so make sure you’re understanding the full pricing model before you make any major decisions. For instance, inquire if they have a set-up fee (which is not standard) or if they charge you for an audit (which is often free).
  • Agency case studies — Oftentimes, established agencies will feature case studies depicting how they’ve helped nonprofit clients increase online conversions with Google Ad Grants. It can be helpful to specifically find case studies with organizations similar to yours in size and goals.
  • Reviews and testimonials — Along with case studies, make sure to look up reviews and testimonials. While the agency likely boasts positive reviews on their website, it can also be worth looking into Google reviews and Facebook reviews.

It’s important to prioritize a Google Grants agency’s Ad Grant program knowledge, services, and professionalism above anything else. In turn, you’ll wind up with a professional who acts as an extension of your team.

These are the essential questions you should ask before hiring a Google Grants agency.

5 Key Questions To Ask Your Google Ad Grant Agency

As you explore different Google Ad Grant managers, you’ll naturally narrow down your options and create a shortlist of potential agencies. Before lining up consultations with these prospective agencies, sit down with your team to determine what questions you’ll ask. That way, you can enter your conversations with potential agencies and better understand if they’ll be a good fit for your team.

Here are the five essential questions that we recommend you ask:

  1. What services are included in your fees? It’s vital that you understand what’s included in an agency’s management fees. Otherwise, you may wind up spending too much and still not receive the services you need. Some Google Ad Grant managers offer an all-inclusive package that covers every aspect of account management, whereas others will offer packages with different combinations of services.
  2. Do you offer landing page consultation? When someone clicks your ad on Google, they’ll be met with your landing page. Your landing page is what will ultimately drive them to donate, volunteer, register for an event, or do whatever you’re asking them to do. Make sure your Google Grants agency will review your landing pages, pick the ones that will help you reach your goals, and optimize the layout and content for you.
  3. How frequently can we expect to hear from you? Clear communication is an essential part of your relationship with your Google Grants agency. Ideally, your agency will assign a dedicated account manager who will meet with you once a month, share results, be willing to openly discuss your account’s performance, and take your input seriously.
  4. Is your Google Ad Grant agency certified? Google’s team created a Directory of Certified Professional Agencies to help nonprofits kickstart their search. Any agencies listed went through an extensive vetting process. However, don’t rule out any Google Grants agencies that aren’t certified yet! Chances are, they just haven’t been through the process yet. What truly matters is if they offer the services you need.
  5. What if we have Google Grants needs outside of your traditional offerings? If your team determines you have needs that fall outside of an agency’s offerings, discuss that with potential agencies. Your Google Grants agency should be willing to chat about their experience in other areas, so you can get the most out of your digital strategies.

Hiring a Google Grants agency is a big decision, so don’t skimp on your research! The one you choose will ultimately impact the performance of your campaigns. By asking these essential questions upfront, nothing will come as a surprise since you’ll understand each Google Grants agency’s approach.  Otherwise, you risk not receiving the services you need, paying too much out of pocket, and ultimately throwing away your grant money.

These are our top 12 Google Grants agency recommendations.

12 Best Google Ad Grant Agencies

Whenever you outsource work to an agency, it’s important that you explore your options before signing a contract. That way, you’ll wind up with one that’s the best possible fit for your organization and needs.

While you can certainly do the digging on your own, we actually have several Google Grants agencies that we’d recommend to kickstart your search. Bear in mind that there are very few professionals that solely focus on Google Ad Grants, so the vast majority of the ones listed here offer other digital marketing and development services. However, we fully recommend going with one that specializes in Google Grants.

Getting Attention is a Google Grants agency that solely focuses on the Google Ad Grants program.

1. Getting Attention | Best All-Around Google Grants Agency

Here at Getting Attention, we specialize in Google Ad Grants. Our team is made up of professionals who know what it takes to develop campaigns that drive real results for your cause — no matter if you’re just getting started or already have active campaigns.

We don’t just quickly review your account and offer some tips. Our team partners closely with yours to fully understand your mission, who your organization serves, and how you can drive meaningful conversions.

Here’s how we can help you make the most of your grant money:

  • Google Grant application. Don’t worry about forgetting something in your application. Our experts are here to manage every step to ensure that your account is reviewed and accepted.
  • Google Grant hygiene. When it comes to your Google Grant account, data is everything. With our Google Grant agency’s help, you’ll never have to deal with duplicate or outdated data bogging down your processes.
  • Keyword research. A big part of a healthy Google Ads account is determining what your users are searching online. That’s why keyword research is one of our main skills. We’ll make sure your website content effectively serves your audience’s needs and inspires them to take action.
  • Campaign creation and landing page optimization. Our Google Grants agency will develop ads that target the right audience, inspire users to click through, and point them to the best-fitting landing pages. We’ll even redesign and relaunch your landing pages for you!
  • Reporting and goal tracking. Tracking conversions and campaign performance is an ongoing process for Google Grant account holders. Not only can we assist in staying on top of reporting, but we can also pinpoint the most useful opportunities and goals for your nonprofit.
  • Google Grant reactivation. We know that getting your Google Grant account suspended isn’t ideal. If your account was deactivated, we can help you get it up to code and make sure it stays that way.

Our Google Grants agency will help you develop powerful ad campaigns.

Getting Started with This Google Grants Agency

Our experts are fully committed to helping you develop inspiring ad campaigns. Plus, we aim to be fully transparent in our pricing, which is why we don’t charge any upfront fees and will help you manage your Google Ad Grants account for only $499 per month.

Get a free consultation, so we can chat about how we can help your nonprofit grow through powerful Google Ad Grant management. Don’t see a Google Grants service on our website that you need? We’re open to chatting about our experience in other areas to help you make the most of your campaigns!

Get a free consultation with an expert at our Google Grants agency.

DNL OmniMedia is a professional nonprofit technology and Google Grants manager.

2. DNL OmniMedia | Best Google Grants Agency for Nonprofit Technology

DNL OmniMedia is a well-known nonprofit technology consultant. Their team of professionals strives to empower nonprofits to better leverage their technology and amplify their causes, which is why we highly recommend them for your technological needs!

As part of their offerings, they offer Google Grant services. While it’s not their sole purpose, they’re a solid choice for any nonprofit that wants to get more out of the program. They’ll help you with the following:

  • Keyword strategy development. This Google Grants agency will work with you to understand your priorities. Then, they’ll develop a keyword strategy to help you target terms that are central to your mission, connect with likely prospects, and ultimately achieve your goals.
  • Analytic management. DNL OmniMedia fully understands the importance of effective data management. Their team is experienced with Google Analytics and can create custom reports that make sense for your campaigns’ priorities.
  • Website development. A big part of your Google Ad campaigns’ performance is the content you promote. Powered by skilled developers, DNL OmniMedia can help you create a powerful website that communicates your cause and drives conversions.

DNL OmniMedia is a reliable technology consultant and Google Grants agency.

Getting Started with This Google Ad Grant Manager

DNL OmniMedia will serve as an effective Google Ad Grant manager for your cause. Start by researching their other offerings to see how they can help optimize other areas of your nonprofit’s technology strategy!

RKD Digital is a Google Grants agency that will help you develop a holistic marketing strategy.

3. RKD Digital | Best Google Ad Grant Agency for Digital Marketing

As the first full-service direct-response company to be added to the Google Grant Certified Professional Community, RKD Digital is a Google Grants agency that works with nonprofits to produce effective marketing strategies. Since 2004, they’ve empowered their nonprofit clients to spark meaningful relationships in the digital world. They’ll help you craft campaign strategies and messaging, helping you harness the power of available online marketing opportunities like the Ad Grants program.

Backed by deep experience in the nonprofit industry, they’ll help you reimagine what marketing looks like with Google Grants services, such as:

  • Account activation. Rest assured that this Google Ad Grant agency will handle every part of the application process, from securing validation tokens to filling out relevant applications.
  • Campaign and ad creation. This Google Grants agency will build high-level campaigns that follow the appropriate account structure. They’ll even write the ad copy for you!
  • Holistic strategy development. They’ll help you determine how Google Ad Grants fit into your multichannel marketing strategy, so you can intertwine your efforts and achieve your conversion goals.

RKD Digital is a Google Grants agency that can take your digital marketing to the next level.

 Getting Started with This Google Grants Agency

If this agency sounds like a good fit, check out their website to learn more about their approach to Google Ad Grant management. You can also dive into some of their other digital marketing services before contacting their team!

Check out Allegiance Group, an experience Google Ad Grants agency for nonprofits and associations.

4. Allegiance Group | Best Google Grants Agency for Fundraising

Allegiance Group is an experienced Google Grants agency that works exclusively with nonprofits and associations to grow their online footprint. They’re a full-service firm that intertwines fundraising, marketing, and technology, so their nonprofit clients can inspire action and make an impact. Their approach to marketing is to build story arcs that blend stewardship, engagement, advocacy, and fundraising communications, so you can effectively bring your mission to life through your digital content.

They’ll help you harness the power of the Google Ad Grant to share your powerful content and drive conversions with the following services:

  • Ad creation. Allegiance Group will craft the copy for your Google Ad campaigns, ensuring it fits your nonprofit’s voice. Then, they’ll monitor your ad campaigns and make adjustments based on the metrics it generates.
  • Form optimization. Thanks to their experience with form creation tools like EveryAction and Salesforce, Allegiance Group can optimize your landing pages. Using your preferred platform, they’ll develop custom forms and surveys that you can promote with Google Ads and drive more conversions.
  • Custom reporting. Allegiance Group will develop custom implementations of Google Analytics for your team. They’ll deliver insightful reports and grant you access to real-time dashboards, so you can check in on your ads’ performance whenever you want. They’ll share critical metrics, interpret your data, and even give recommendations for your next Google Ad Grant campaign.

Allegiance Group is another great digital marketing and Google Grants agency.

Getting Started with This Google Ad Grant Agency

Allegiance Group will enable you to intertwine your digital fundraising and marketing efforts. Explore their website to learn more about how they can leverage your Google Ad Grant money to grow your fundraising and connect with likely prospects.

WebFX is another great Google Grants agency, even though they primarily serve businesses.

5. WebFX | Best Google Grants Agency for NGOs

WebFX prides itself on driving qualified traffic, converting visitors, and leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver real results to their clients. While their primary focus is on businesses, they also empower NGOs to take advantage of Google Ad Grants and are even part of the Certified Partner Directory.

As a leader in SEO, PPC, social, and web design services, this Google Grants agency can empower you with offerings like:

  • Industry analysis. They’ll analyze the current SEO landscape of your industry, so you can determine what your prospects are searching for online and what content they’ll interact with.
  • Ad copy and performance testing. They’ll handle the copywriting for you. Then, they’ll monitor your campaigns’ performance to determine what drives users to engage with those ads.
  • Google Analytics tracking. WebFX has plenty of experience with Google Analytics, so they’ll make sure you set up goal tracking in compliance with the program’s guidelines.

If you're looking for an effective Google Grants agency, consider WebFX!

Getting Started with This Google Grants Agency

WebFX is backed by a team of experts to help you make the most of your SEO strategy. Take a look at their website to learn more about their digital marketing services to make sure they align with your nonprofit’s needs.

TrueSense Marketing is a Google Grants agency with plenty of SEM experience.

6. TrueSense Marketing | Best Google Grants Agency with SEM Experience

Composed of more than 200 professionals with search engine marketing (SEM) experience, TrueSense Marketing is a reliable Google Grants agency. Their team of specialists will handle every step of the process, from your initial application to ongoing maintenance. They know what it takes to create marketing materials that will stand out on search engine results pages and can make sure your ads are put in front of the right audience.

They’ll work alongside your team and create powerful Google Ad campaigns through services like:

  • Keyword research. They’ll do plenty of research to determine what your most likely prospects are searching for online. Then, they’ll make sure your ads point them to landing pages that match their needs.
  • A/B testing. By tweaking elements like the ad copy, title, and landing page, they’ll create multiple versions of your ads to find out which elements drive users to convert. Then, they’ll make adjustments to create the best possible ads for your nonprofit.
  • Campaign optimization. After your ads are pushed live, they’ll run search query reports to determine anything that’s not working. Then, they’ll make adjustments accordingly.

For a Google Grants agency with an SEM background, check out TrueSense Marketing.

Getting Started with This Google Ad Grant Manager

TrueSense marketing knows what it takes to meet your digital supporters’ needs. Take a look at their website to learn more about their approach to Google Ad Grant management.

Digital Ninjas is an Australian-based Google Ad Grants agency.

7. Digital Ninjas | Best Google Grants Agency for Advocacy Organizations

Based in Australia, Digital Ninjas is a professional consulting firm that helps nonprofits drive greater fundraising and advocacy results through digital campaigns. With services dedicated to Google Ad Grant management and organic search, they’re a trusted source for all aspects of your SEO strategy.

Here are some of their core Google Grants services that will help you stick out online:

  • Google Analytics. The experts at Digital Ninjas will help you measure the metrics that matter most to your organization within Google Analytics. Whether it’s fundraising results or engagement with your advocacy work, they’ll help you track it.
  • Ad copy development. Trust that this Google Grants agency knows how to develop high-quality ads. They’ll make sure they understand your organization’s brand voice and goals, so they get the ad copy right the first time!
  • Account development. Once they’ve pinpointed the right keywords and gotten the ad copy approved, they’ll build out your account and make sure everything’s ready to go.

If you work at an advocacy organization, take a look at Digital Ninjas, a certified Google Grants agency.

Getting Started with This Google Grants Agency

Operating at Ninja-like speed, Digital Ninjas is prepared to make your SEM endeavors a breeze. Check out their website to learn more about their approach to Google Ad Grants and other paid search ads.

Uprise Up is a Google Grants agency located in the U.K.

8. Uprise Up | Best Google Grants Agencies for UK-Based Organizations

Located in the United Kingdom, Uprise Up is a data-driven digital media agency. They strive to help mission-driven organizations make a positive difference in the world by enabling laser-focused marketing strategies. As part of their relentless endeavor to further social good, they offer Google Ad Grant management services to nonprofits.

They’ve honed their tactics to help nonprofits extract maximum value from the Google Ad Grant and offer services such as:

  • Account testing. Uprise Up will run your account through its Ad Grant policy checker to make sure you’re always adhering to the rules. They’ll also continually test your campaigns’ results to make sure they’re driving qualified prospects to your site.
  • Future-proofing. As a certified partner, Uprise Up is on top of the program’s requirements and will respond to any new algorithm changes as soon as they hear about them.
  • Compliance. This agency uses automated scripts to continually check that your account adheres to the policies. If anything is flagged, they’ll make the necessary adjustments to your account.

If you're located in the United Kingdom, check out Uprise Up's Google Grants agency.

Getting Started with This Google Ad Grant Manager

As one of the few UK-based Google Grants agencies, Uprise Up is a great choice for UK organizations. Although, they are certified, so they receive advice from the Google Grants team located in California as well. Before reaching out, take a look at their website to learn more about their work.

Koios is a Google Grants agency that works with libraries.

9. Koios | Best Google Grants Agency for Libraries

With a sole focus on libraries, Koios empowers its clients to make their library’s resources more discoverable online. The agency’s goal is to enable libraries to reach beyond their existing patron base to bring in new supporters through effective Google Ad Grant management.

Trusted by dozens of clients, they help libraries around the country take advantage of the program through helpful services such as:

  • Google Grant application. Their team will help you get your verification token from TechSoup, set up your Google for Nonprofits account, and configure your Google Ads account. If Google turns down your application, they’ll follow the instructions provided to reapply.
  • Ad optimization. Koios will monitor your campaigns and make sure you’re driving meaningful conversions. They even boast an average 12.8% CTR, which is well above the industry average of 3%.
  • Catalog awareness. This is the bedrock of Koios’ service. You simply provide their team with a complete set of MARC records, and they’ll put the entire thing online. Doing so helps expose catalog records through your ads that would otherwise be invisible to Google.

Koios is a Google Grants manager that will help your library expand its reach.

Getting Started with This Google Grants Agency

If you work for a library and see your organization benefitting from the program, Koios will be a great addition to your team! They offer a 60-day free trial, so you can see what it’s like working with their experts. Before reaching out, explore their website to learn more about what they can do for you.

INTK is a Google Grants agency that works specifically with cultural organizations.

10. INTK | Best Google Grants Agency for Cultural Organizations

Trusted by more than 30 organizations, INTK is a great choice for your Google Ad Grant management needs. They work exclusively with cultural organizations, so if you work for museum, performing arts center, or another type of cultural organization, they can help you generate awareness through targeted ads on relevant search results pages.

Here are some of the core services they offer to help you make the most of the opportunity:

  • Google Grant application. With a 99% success rate, they can help you apply for the program. In the off chance that your account isn’t approved, they’ll take the appropriate steps to ensure it is.
  • Campaign creation and maintenance. They’ll help you get your campaigns up and running. Then, they’ll perform monthly maintenance to ensure everything’s in line.
  • Website design. While separate from their Google Ad Grant management services, INTK also offers web design and development. They’ll create a website unique to your industry with the features you need. That way, you can develop valuable content to promote through your Google Ads.

INTK is a professional Google Grants manager that can optimize your Google Ad Grants account.

Getting Started with This Google Ad Grant Agency

Bear in mind that INTK is based in the Netherlands. However, they’re also certified by Google and have direct access to the Google Ad Grants team, which means their in the loop with the latest changes in the program’s compliance requirements. Take a look at their website to learn more about their approach.

Platypus Digital's Google Grants agency is a reliable choice for any nonprofit.

11. Platypus Digital | Best Google Grants Agency for Multichannel Strategies

Platypus Digital is a leading digital marketing agency for charities. Whether you need them to set up your Google Ads account from scratch or optimize your existing account, their team of experts is there to help every step of the way. With expert Google Ad Grant management, they’ll help you make the best use of your grant to increase brand awareness, connect with motivated supporters, and increase donations.

Here’s how they help you maximize the return on your efforts:

  • Compliance audit. Request a one-off compliance audit where they’ll analyze your account and walk you through the exact changes you need to make to be in line with Google’s requirements.
  • Up-to-date reporting. They’ll keep you updated on your performance through Google Data Studio dashboards by objective. They’ll also send you regular emails and scheduled reporting calls where they walk you through results.
  • Multichannel strategy development. In addition to managing your Google Ad Grants, they’ll also manage paid Google Ads and GrantsPro accounts. Plus, they’ll run search, display, YouTube, and shopping ads. In turn, you’ll have a more holistic marketing strategy backed by certified Google Ads strategists.

Develop strong multichannel marketing strategies with help from Platypus Digital's Google Grants agency.

Getting Started with This Google Grants Agency

Since 2014, they’ve worked with more than 160 nonprofits to enhance their digital marketing and fundraising efforts. If you think they’d be a good fit for your organization, explore their website to learn more about their Google Grant services.

Farrer Digital is a Google Grants agency that will help you optimize your strategies and conversions.

12. Farrer Digital | Best Google Grants Agency for Maximizing Conversions

As one of seven certified Google Ad Grants professionals in the United Kingdom, Farrer Digital is a reliable choice for any size nonprofit. The agency was established in 2012 and founded on the principle that business should be transparent and direct. The agency’s sights are set on the long-term success of each client, so you know your account is in capable hands.

Here are their core Google Grants services:

  • Google Grant application. Simply provide them with your registered charity number and TechSoup validation token, and they’ll apply for the grant for you within 10 minutes.
  • Strategy development. Once your account is approved, they’ll meet with your team to discuss your account strategy. They’ll help you determine the best way to allocate your $10,000 each month and drive higher traffic to your site.
  • Conversion rate optimization. They’ll take the time to understand the source of your website traffic and how users interact with your site. Based on this, they’ll design a digital strategy and optimize your landing pages to deliver the best user experience, thus maximizing each ad’s conversion rate.

Farrer Digital is a reliable Google Grants manager for conversion rate optimization.

Getting Started with This Google Ad Grant Manager

Farrer Digital is a solid choice for any nonprofit looking to maximize its ROI with more intentional digital marketing solutions. If you’re looking for a Google Grants agency that strives to drive long-term growth, this firm might be the right choice for you. Before reaching out, take a look at the other digital marketing services they offer.

Here's how you should kickstart your Google Grants agency hiring process.

Next Steps for Your Google Grants Strategy

When it comes to starting your nonprofit online marketing on the right foot, the Google Ad Grant is your answer. However, applying and maintaining your account is no walk in the park. Whether you’re having trouble proving your website is valuable or can’t keep up with Google’s compliance guidelines, turning to a professional Google Grants agency, like Getting Attention, is your best bet.

While we shared several recommendations, Getting Attention is the only full-service agency that focuses solely on Google Ad Grants above. We’ll handle every aspect of your account, starting with eligibility confirmation through ongoing maintenance. In no time, you’ll start driving more conversions, connecting with more prospects, and generating great results for your cause! If you’re interested, reach out for a free consultation. Like we mentioned, we’re happy to discuss our experience in other areas that aren’t listed on our site.

In the meantime, are you interested in learning more about Google Ad Grants or marketing your mission effectively? Explore these great additional resources:

Reach out to our Google Grants agency to transform your account management strategies.