Social Media Road Map—20% Off

Noland Hoshino, Zan McColloch-Lussier and Ash Shepherd teamed up to produce the Social Media Road Map, an all-you-need-but-not more mini-guide to help nonprofits like yours plan, implement and measure your social media engagement.

Even better, they’re offering a free copy to the first 5 of you who share your hopes for your social media work here.  20% discount on the Road Map to the Getting Attention community. Just use the discount code “Aha!” when you order here!

I love this mini-map. The passport-sized guide features all you need for basic social media planning and execution, but nothing more. It’s doable, not daunting.

So many of you tell me you’re absolutely paralyzed by the mass of guidance available on social media. The just-enough Road Map is your quickest escape from paralysis and into the right actions. It’s your passport to impact, focus and satisfaction.

Whether you use the Road Map for first-time planning or way-in revision of your social media approach, here’s my recommendation on how to use it:

  1. Grab a copy (save 20% with the “Aha!” discount code) for yourself and for each player on your social media team, including decision makers (and if you don’t have a team yet, get one together pronto—the quickest way to a social media fail is to isolate it).
  2. Ask each member to take an hour to complete the passport, and hand it over to you (you’ll make copies and return the original)
  3. The individual responses will ensure each team member articulates her point of view (vital to capture) and highlight points of agreement and disagreement—It’s so valuable for you to see both so you can discuss and resolve as a group
  4. Resolve the points of disagreement to complete the Road Map as a group, providing a solid blueprint on which to make your social media decisions going forward.
  5. Review and update your approach  on an ongoing basis based on those measures you’ve defined.

Share your social media hopes and wants now , and I’ll help you get there in future blog posts.

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Nancy Schwartz on June 27, 2012 in Social Media | 29 comments
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  • Claire A. Murray

    I’d like our social media effort to create a community spirit of support, encouragement, and info exchange that complements our onsite (real world) atmosphere. 

  • Devdir

    Having a map is just what our organization needs! There’s too much information out there. I’m somewhat overwhelmed and just need a one-stop reference! As the Development Director of 2 centers (and about to begin a capital campaign of a third) I need some help for our two-person development office!

  • Rachael Stern

    I am extremely energized and hopeful that our social media effort on the Marylanders for Marriage Equality Campaign will prove a vital part of ensuring that all Maryland families are treated equal.  I am also looking forward to being the first state to do this at the ballot box.

  • This sounds like a great resource! I’d love a tool that will help plan and execute an organization social media strategy (without the overthinking).  Thanks for sharing this!

  • Élan

    I’ve always been active promoting the cause of refugees through social media.  I’ve recently accepted a new position at a nonprofit (helping refugees through immigration) and hope to take my social media strategy to the next level to help my new organization (so we can help more clients!)

  • jose faria

    Visit and if you believe in this idea please contribute.

  • Amy

    We hope that our social media helps bring in funds to send kids with developmental and physical disabilities to summer camp so they can just be one of the crowd. 

  • Michelle Brinson

    I’ve got this on my wish list. I work for a nonprofit that serves the homeless and addicted. We run strictly on the support of donors. We do not receive any government funding. As we try to reach younger donors, social media must come into play… there’s no way around it. I’m doing everything I can to learn, grow and apply this knowledge so I can be better able to reach this audience.

  • my hopes and dreams? That I could get 3 staffers to post regularly to our sites; to have all staff and board “like & follow our pages for information, for our members and participants to share in the conversation and pass along additional information. This would of course, all happen in the next months, so that when we launch an online store in 18 months, we’ve established a loyal engaged dialogue among supporters.

  • Sherry Kirschenbaum

    My hopes and dreams? That I could find out everyone who is blogging independently or have individual Facebook pages so that we could maximize exposure and maintain consistent branding; that we could make our website more interactive to encourage engagement.

  • Deborah Oveland

    Social media can be overwhelming!  This looks like a great tool to use!

  • I Bedi-Thomas

    Social media can be a powerful tool for knowledge sharing, learning and advocacy (among others) especially in low resource environments. A guide which helps one to navigate through the plethora of web tools available and make informed choices for targeted use would be very useful.

  • Cohen

    I hope to connect our agency to a new generation of activist.

  • ReneeMc

    My hopes and dreams on social media are to use them strategically to broaden and deepen community awareness and to use them to engage individuals and groups to become more involved with us and supportive of our mission in a variety of ways.

  • Judi Brouse

    As a small environmental non-profit we hope to use more social media to attract both younger individuals and to make environmental awareness more accessible to the general public.

  • Poneill

    Our hopes to move our organization ahead and reach youth for volunteerism, activisim and education

  • Marlene

    Was unable to purchase this online – this was the message:
    Unable to process payment. Please contact the merchant as the shipping
    address provided by the merchant is invalid, and the merchant has
    requested that your order must be shipped to that address.

  • Jane Norton

    My social media hopes and wants – to learn enough about it not be overwhelmed; to know what are the best strategies – where to put our time and effort to get maximum impact as we launch Our Community Green.

  • Fdwyer6

    I want the school that my children attended to become more engaged in using Social Media to attract students. More importantly, I’d love the administrators to use the new tools to listen to students, parents, friends and critics. The school is a wonderful place already, so using the new tools should only help it achieve even more

  • Mary

    My hopes and dreams is that this association of home builders can stay afloat during these trying times.  I am a part-time one person office now moved to my home, we need new members and the younger ones.

  • Megan

    As a woman soon to be re-entering the job market, I bleieve that educating myslef with the latest social marketing techniques and strategies will make me a better informed and therefore more attractive possibility for my future employer.

  • mark

    My hope is to capture a simpler way to disseminate information to various groups about the work that we do and they way average citizens can participate.

  • Francisca Guzman

    To have an engaged audience across the state, not just in one area. It is often hard to curate content that addresses needs of each area of the state. One issue might be big here and not there; however, I think all can participate in the conversation.

  • Karol Taylor

    My hope and dream is to obtain a full time position as the social media guru in a non-profit organization. Especially since I have been out of work for 18 months

  • John Braddock

    We are begining in earnest to use social media to build a base of volunteer dental professionals.  Counting on the ability to pass along a great message.  Thank you.

  • Ed Joseph

    My hopes and dreams? To have a blog that everyone reads and interacts with.  I work with a non profit that trains and places volunteers to work in nursing homes and would want our social media blog to help raise money so more volunteers could be recruited, trained and placed in nursing homes.

  • Janice Snyder

    My hope is that I can take an 80-year-old Senior Life Community and bring it into the 21st Century by utilizing as many social media outlets as possible to connect resources, information, and support to elder caregivers, family and friends who may be struggling with burn-out, frustrations, or who are overwhelmed. I’m teaching myself as I go along and could REALLY use a Social Media Road Map to get to where I want to be.

  • Michele Kilroy

    I see that there are 27 comments before mine, but I’m hoping that more books might become available ??? My hope is that I can convert the 1200 plus fans/ friends / followers of my organization’s social media platform to event attendees and/or members of the org!

  • Dwain Wilson

    Does this come with a compass?  Because I am LOST!

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