Is the Govt Shutdown Affecting Your Org? Pls Share A.S.A.P.

Shutdown ResponseNonprofit communicators!

1) Is the Federal government shutdown affecting your nonprofit?

2) Are you addressing that impact in your content? If yes, what, where and how?

3) Have you decided to hold on any planning or posting?

Please share here a.s.a.p.! I hope to blog on how-tos first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you!

P.S. Take a look how D.C.’s Sixth & I Synagogue, which doubles as a vibrant Jewish community center, opened its doors to provide community (what else?) to those displaced by the shutdown, including Political Ping Pong.

The staff did a great job prepping ahead of time for the possibility of the shutdown, giving folks a heads up and was all set to open doors at 10am this morning. You can join in via the Synagogue’s Facebook page. That’s relevance. communications.

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Nancy Schwartz on October 1, 2013 in Relevance Rules | 5 comments
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  • Amy

    1) Is the Federal government shutdown affecting your nonprofit? Yes,
    over 1,050 employees from the Association of Partners for Public Lands’ member
    organizations – all not-for-profit businesses dedicated to supporting America’s
    public lands and educating new generations of their stewards – were unable to
    report to their jobs today because of the government shutdown. By the end of
    the week, over half of these private sector workers will be furloughed if the
    impasse is not resolved. In a weeklong shutdown, our member organizations are
    projected to lose $3 million in revenue from cancelled educational programs,
    unsold interpretive products and the lack of other visitor services.

    2) Are you addressing that impact in your content? If yes, what, where and how? Yes, early Monday morning we sent out a survey to our members
    requesting feedback on how the government shutdown would impact their
    operations and ability to serve the public. Using this feedback a letter was
    developed and sent to Congressional leadership earlier today (Speaker Boehner
    and Leaders Reid, Pelosi and McConnell). We shared this letter with our
    members along with a copy of a press release we circulated to national media
    contacts. We encouraged our members to share and use the materials with their
    local media outlets as they saw fit. We also posted the materials to our

    3) Have you decided to hold on any planning or posting? We were
    scheduled to send out our monthly e-Newsletter today but given all that’s going
    on we are holding off on sending it out until later in the week (as we don’t
    think many people would read it today).

  • Nancy Schwartz

    Amy , thank you for sharing your communications actions. Wow. Any idea what’s next outreach wise?

  • Alplily

    As one of those partner organizations, restricting in what we can say about government funding, we are very grateful for your help, Amy!

  • girardinl

    At YTH (one of the places I hang my hat), we decided to extend a call for applications for our Youth Advisory Board ( They had been due this week, so we moved the deadline to later this month. Since we work at the intersection of youth, technology, and health, many of the organizations that YTH works with are affected by the shutdown — and we wanted to release a bit of the pressure by giving youth leaders some extra time.

    Here’s our Facebook share about the extended call for applications, which uses a little humor about the shutdown to boot!

  • Nancy Schwartz

    Thanks for sharing your response. Here’s my follow up post on what some other orgs are doing:

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