Pop Your All-Staff Team of Messengers: Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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I’m in love, with a marketing method that’s a game changer for communications, fundraising, and program staff members in organizations like yours—Launching an all-staff team of messengers.

Here’s why:

  • You know what you need to do but can’t get beyond the limits of time, expertise, and budget. That’s the struggle you share most often.
  • Your colleagues are spreading the word but it’s frequently the wrong word. But 42% of them can’t accurately describe what your organization does, much less convey the crucial needed to advance your communications goals. 
  • And your colleagues can have better access to the folks you want to reach. 

For this month’s carnival post, I’m eager to hear your questions and concerns, tips, and tools on popping your team of all-staff messengers:

  • What about this approach intrigues and attracts you? Concerns you?
  • Do you have this program in place, formally or informally? Are you planning it?
  • Which colleagues are spreading the (right) word now? Which group do you hope to add next?
  • How do you ask, train, support, and reward your messengers?
  • Whose support or help do you need to be successful?
  • What’s the biggest barrier in your way?

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Nancy Schwartz on June 8, 2016 in All-Org Marketing Team | 3 comments

  • Lisa Rupple

    Thank you for a perfectly timely post. My next big project to tackle is employee collaboration for storytelling. It’s a big shift from how my organization has done its communications, since always. I have been working to get the conversation started with my co-workers to get buy in and am getting some positive responses, but I want to understand how other orgs are approaching this. I’d like to have some kind of structure for how internal collaboration can function without being an undue burden (or perceived as a burden) for the staff. Integrating it into their workflow so it’s fairly simple for them and hopefully just becomes part of their day to day. Having a formal program in place. I am eager to see what other groups are doing that have worked (or not worked) for them and following the conversation!

  • Lisa, thanks so much for sharing your challenge! Looking forward to hearing from our peers in the field with concrete case studies. I have some to share as well.

  • Angela

    The next group we need to get more in-step with our messaging is our board. We find time in staff meetings and in everyday communication to reinforce messaging with staff but creating ways to reinforce messaging with board has proven to be more difficult.
    Right now, we are running a contest with staff to encourage everyone to submit content/stories that can be used in our marketing and in a current campaign. We received a pair of concert tickets as a part of a radio ad buy (for our campaign) and are using them as the prize (along with a free day off) for the winning staff member. It’s timely, appealing to nearly all and has infused energy into our content generation process. Plus, it’s fun!

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