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Communications Assistant Pesticide Action Network (Oakland, CA)

Communications Director Community Health Councils (Los Angeles, CA)

Communications Manager Health Connected (Redwood City, CA)

Communications/Marketing Director Information Technology Empowerment Center (Lansing, MI)


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High-Impact Nonprofit Website DesignThanks to guest blogger Alex McLain, who designs engaging websites for nonprofits as a member of the Wired Impact team.

Creating a new website for your nonprofit is a mind-boggling task. You’ve got a million questions reeling through your head throughout the process, but one of the most important to consider is: “How important is the role of design in our website?” Without a doubt, your answer should be, “Very important.”

In order to wow website visitors and keep them returning to get more info, make more donations, or sign up for events, your site needs to stand out in a sea of websites that “get the job done.” Here are 10 ways great visual design drives website impact:


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Nonprofit Message Impact

When my friend and colleague Stephanie Bowen announced her new job at MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action), I was thrilled for her, but didn’t really probe what MAMA was about. Knowing her search had been focused on development organizations working with women, I figured MAMA fit into that category and left it at that.

But last week, after jealously Facebook-following Stephanie’s work-related travel adventure in India, I had to know more. Naturally, I went right to the Who We Are page on MAMA’s website…


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Nonprofit Marketing JobPost YOUR open nonprofit marketing and communications positions here

Assistant Director Kogod Center for Business Communication American University (Washington, D.C.)

Associate Director of Communications & Marketing  The University of Cincinnati Foundation (Cincinnati, OH)

Associate Marketing Manager  Partnership for Public Service (Washington, D.C.)

Communication Specialist  International Plant Nutrition Institute
(Peachtree Corners, GA)


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Guest author JennNonprofit Storytelling #GivingTuesdaya Sauber is a crowdfunding and digital marketing expert at CauseVox, a peer-to-peer fundraising software for nonprofits.

The beauty of a movement like #GivingTuesday is that the nonprofit world gets to shine in the midst of the chaotic and overwhelming madness that is the holiday retail season.

But let’s face it: when your nonprofit is one of hundreds, or thousands participating in this growing global giving day, making your story stand out can be an intimidating task. You’ve got a short lead in to December 2, and then you have 24 hours (less if you think about when people are awake and online) to inspire people to give.

So how do you amp up your fundraising appeal in a way that encourages people to click that donate button? Use the power of storytelling! Here are a few of my favorite tips to consider as you craft your storytelling plan for #GivingTuesday.

1) Make your story relevant

When planning a move, people always say “location, location, location.” For #GivingTuesday, it’s of the utmost importance to keep things relevant. And we’re not just talking about staying on topic to your mission—but think of the time of year, think seasonal.


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Nonprofit Communications TrendsMy friend and colleague Kivi Leroux Miller, over at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, provides a wonderful service for nonprofit marketers like us—her annual report of trends in the field.

I urge you to take ten minutes right now to respond to her 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey.

What you’ll get in return:

  1. Special preview webinar on 2015 trends for survey takers ONLY (you’ll know the trends almost a full month before anyone else!)
  2. Full report of survey findings, unparalleled for:
    • Fine-tuning your methods and tactics
    • Getting some fresh ideas, ones you never would have thought of
    • Learning what’s NOT working, so you know what to avoid
    • Serving as proofs for your marketing approach for 2015 (so helpful for building the confidence and buy-in of skeptical bosses and colleagues).

Stop everything to respond to this survey right now. It’s the best investment you can make for marketing success in 2015. Thanks!

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 Nonprofit Marketing & Communications JobsPost YOUR open nonprofit marketing and communications positions here

Account Director Fenton Communications
(Washington, D.C.)

Associate Director of Communications American Rivers (Washington, D.C.)

Associate Director of Marketing Lincoln Center Theater (New York, NY)

Communications Coordinator Neighborhoods Organizing for Change  (Minneapolis, MN)

Communications Director Riverkeeper (Ossining, NY)

Communications Director Sierra Club (San Francisco, CA)

Communications and Marketing Coordinator SACNAS (Santa Cruz, CA)

Communications and Marketing Director Sustain Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)


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Keep Relationship CurrentI’m a huge fan of the charity clearinghouse GlobalGiving, and have donated through them several times to causes I wouldn’t have been able to connect with otherwise.

That’s GlobalGiving’s sweet spot—connecting donors like yours (and you, and me) with causes that we may not find, know of and/or be able to easily donate to. They do a fantastic job of it: Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised $151,783,082 from 407,034 donors who have supported 10,812 projects.

So I was surprised to receive this could-be-better email from them, updating me on the work they’ve done with my donation 3 1/2 years ago to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.


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Nonprofit Marketing & Communications JobsPost YOUR open nonprofit marketing and communications positions here

Affiliate Marketing & Communications Coordinator American Civil Liberties Union (New York, NY)

Communications and Brand Manager National Dance Institute (New York, NY)

Communications Officer The Brookings Institution (Washington, D.C.)

Communications Officer National Women’s Health Coalition (New York, NY)


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Nonprofit Branding Case STudyRead Part One first

There’s so much to learn from the approach United Animal Nations took to rename and rebrand the organization….as Red Rover.

Here’s Part Two of this useful case study, via Director of Communications, Marketing and Development, Leili Khalessi.

Q: So you went directly to renaming on realizing United Animal Nations wasn’t working for you?

A: Nope. We tried something much easier first (and we’re glad we did).

We began using UAN as an acronym to attempt to correct misconceptions about our organization. But…


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