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Communications Assistant (PT) Pulitzer Arts Foundation (St. Louis, MO)

Communications Director Center on Policy Initiatives (San Diego, CA)

Communications Director America Achieves (Washington, D.C.)

Communications and Events Coordinator Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (San Francisco, CA)


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Watch it and weep, with laughter and recognition (if you’re a working parent, or overloaded in any other way). That’s definitely me! Is it you? This video from Make It Work—a community making things better for hardworking women, men and families across the country—works wonders. It: READ MORE

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You CAN Have It All  Guest blogger Stephanie Bowen leads communications and marketing for Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA).

Howdy y’all! Just back from Austin and this year’s NTEN Conference (#15NTC), and I’m buzzing with energy from all I learned and  those I met.

But about halfway through the conference, I felt totally depleted…


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nonprofit communications job Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here: Featuring jobs with nonprofit organizations, grantmakers, B Corps, and agencies and other vendors serving nonprofits.

Account Coordinator, Digital Fenton Communications (Washington, DC)

Assistant Director Kilts Center for Marketing: University of Chicago Booth School for Business (Chicago, IL)

Assistant Director of Loyalty Marketing Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (New York, NY)

Associate Project Editor Appalachian Mountain Club (Boston, MA)

Associate Product Manager Wikimedia Foundation (San Francisco, CA)

Business Development Manager Nonprofit Finance Fund (New York, NY)


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Visual StorytelingWhen executed well, visual storytelling cuts through the clutter, delivering  a mental image that resonates and is remembered (so more likely to be repeated).

Take this unforgettable example from MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action). I couldn’t look away, but instead lingered on the image, taking in the different women and their range of expressions. Most importantly, the photo quickly and memorably conveys not only what MAMA does, but how—improving health through educating and supporting moms via mobile messages. That’s a tough concept to get in a flash, but this photo says it all.

You can do it too! When you have your message hat on, keep an eye out for the image that says it all, and ask and train your colleagues to do the same. You’ll know it when you see it (or get a vision of what set up will be unforgettable), just like the  MAMA folks did.

BTW, MAMA does great here on the relevance scale as well, leading linking this visual story with International Women’s Day (coming up later this week).

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More on Visual Storytelling

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Nonprofit Communications Jobs Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here: Nonprofit organizations, grantmakers, agencies and other vendors serving nonprofits and B Corps.

Associate Director Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (Boston, MA)

Assistant Communications Manager Montefiore (Bronx, NY)

Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications Arnold P. Gold Foundation
(Englewood Cliffs, NJ)


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Top channels: Website & email Welcome to the Proof Point series—research findings to use when advocating for the marketing approaches you know are right.

You’re the marketing and communications expert. But that doesn’t mean your boss, colleagues and/or board buy your recommendations. Whether they just don’t get the whys (so feel uncomfortable), propose a “better” solution or gravitate to the devil’s advocate role, these proof points will help make your case and protect crucial relationships!

Today’s Proof Point: Your website(s) and email marketing are the most important communications channels you have. That’s the call from the 1,500+ nonprofit communicators who shared insights and practices for the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.


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Nonprofit Marketing Communications Jobs Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here

Associate Director, Media and Public Relations American Association for Cancer Research (Philadelphia, PA)

Communications Associate The Partnership for Palliative Care (New York, NY)

Communications Director The American Federation of Musicians (New York, NY)

Communications Manager America Achieves (Washington, DC)


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Nonprofit Communications Jobs  Please post YOUR nonprofit marketing job here

Assistant Vice President, Public Relations & Communications Easter Seals (Chicago, IL)

Associate, Knowledge & Communications Northern California Grantmakers (San Francisco, CA)

Bilingual Communications Manager KIPP Austin
(Austin, TX)

Chief Marketing Officer YWCA of Metro Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)


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Spread the WordAsking partners, friends and fans to spread the word may be the most effective, yet least expensive, marketing method there is. So I’m always surprised that so few folks put it to work. Hope this case study pushes you into action.

The Challenge: To increase qualified entries to, and votes for, the 2015 doGooder Video Awards
Award founders See3 wanted to increase submissions to the its 9th Annual doGooder Video Awards. But, like most of us, the agency is limited in staff time and marketing budget. What to do?


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