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So proud of these girls in our town who are pushing back on being blamed for “distracting” boys with their outfits, and getting punished for it. Punishments include having to wear a huge Scarlet Letter-ish “shirt of shame” for the rest of the day, totally covering their bodies.

But I’m thrilled that this group of girls has mobilized to protest this code and punishments. They are utilizing the online communications tools that make now organizing so much easier to build and scale. And they know how to message! Check out the hashtag #iammorethanadistraction.


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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here

peanutsCommunications Counselor, Full Court Communications (Oakland, CA)

Communications Manager, The Education Alliance
(New York, NY)

Communications Specialist, Capital Area Food Bank of Texas (Austin, TX)


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Use summer to rejeuvenate I’m seeking your ideas this time round!

Please tell me (in the comments below) what your summer camp looks like—i.e. how are you planning to use summer to get inspired, energized and even smarter? And how will you integrate that experience and the results into your work approach and/or activities in the fall.

Pls share your ideas and hopes here. I’ll report out via a guest post for Network for Good.

BTW, here’s my plan.

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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here

poodlejobwebAdvertising Manager, DonorDigital (Berkeley, CA or Washington, DC)

Communications Associate, The Whitney Museum of Art (New York, NY)

Communications and Events Manager, Raw Artworks
(Lynn, MA)


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Patricia-Brooks-photo-imageGuest blogger, Patricia Brooks guides client orgs to reach and motivate people through traditional and new media sources. She’s a 24/7 newshound and loves to match the right story with the right journalist.

Freedom of the press is one of the founding principles of American democracy, and the press is our vehicle for making our voices heard and driving change.

As a U.S. media relations specialist, I am fortunate to base my career on our first amendment right to press. But it breaks my heart that more Americans (and nonprofits) don’t appreciate the their power when it comes to the media.


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How to Hire Nonprofit MarketingYour strong response to The Truth Behind Nonprofit Marketing Help-Wanteds strengthened my conviction to dig further into hiring and job/project hunting practices in our field. So many organizations wear blinders when hiring, that there’s a lot of room for improvement—true low-hanging fruit!

As always, I learned so much from you and other members of the Getting Attention community who shared experiences and other comments on this post. Thanks in particular to Marina Dawson, marketing and community coordinator at CharityVillage, who reached out immediately to share a valuable resource with us:


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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here

betterworkaheadwebAssociate Video Producer, Marketing Graphic Designer,  Online Campaign Strategist, Online Campaign Strategist-Latin America, Public Relations Specialist-Bilingual and Web Designer, The Human Society (Gaithersburg, MD)

Associate Director of Digital Communications, Boston Children’s Hospital Trust (Boston, MA)

Community Relations Specialist, Color of Change (Oakland or New York)


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Flickr: Zennie AbrahamWhen I heard that Maya Angelou had passed away this week, I was saddened, humbled and hugely appreciative.

Unlike most writers (especially poets and memoirists) or activists, Dr. Angelou made herself and her perspective accessible and relevant to all. She did so by shaping her writing around the same sensations and feelings each one of us experiences, bridging the gap between her life and point of view, and ours:

Human beings should understand how other humans feel no matter where they are, no matter what their language or culture is, no matter their age, and no matter the age in which they live. If you develop the art of seeing us as more alike than we are unalike, then all stories are understandable. (via Harvard Business Review)

There’s so much I learned from Angelou, so many ways and times she inspired me. Today, I want to share her storytelling secret sauce with you…


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What and your colleagues labored for years to fund, design and (finally) open your highly-visible museum (or cause/issue-focused organization)?

What if—because the museum’s reason for being is so close to folks’  hearts and heads—the design and build is highly scrutinized for the many years it takes to launch?

And what if, when the museum finally opens, it gets hammered with criticism because….you’ve been creative, resourceful and realistic in terms of budget needs and sustainability, building in revenue streams from a good restaurant, a gift shop and private event hosting ? Or—really—because the museum’s focus is SO sensitive.

This is exactly the position that The National September 11 Memorial & Museum finds itself in right now. What would you do? 


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Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here

interviewweb150Associate Producer, Marketing Graphic Designer, Online Strategist and Web Designer, The Humane Society
(Washington DC)

Communications Intern, Marketers without Borders (Toronto, ON)

Communications Intern, Rising Tide Capital (Jersey City, NJ)


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