2010 Must Do: Keep Up as Marketing Techniques and Tools Evolve

2010 Must Do Keep Up as Marketing Techniques and Tools EvolveHere’s my bad…I’m constantly scanning the nonprofit marketing landscape for case studies, models, new tools and more. But I just realized I can strengthen two aspects of our own online communications, both related to changes in that landscape that I neglected to review on a regular basis:

1) If you receive these blog posts via email, you know that the email subject line has always read ” The Latest from the Getting Attention Blog.” And I mean always — every post, every time it is delivered to you.

Several of you have asked me if I could feature the post topic in the subject line, to make it easier for you to assess its relevance to your work and find it when needed. But that option wasn’t available when I launched this blog (and the email feed, at top right here) back in Spring 2006. Just recently, a colleague informed me that Feedburner (the tool I use to send out the emails) now enables users to feature the post’s headline as the email subject line. I’m going to make that change next week — so heads up, email subscribers.

Check mark!

2) Back in the day, when I first strategized SEO (search engine optimization) for archiving Getting Attention e-update articles, I settled on one main approach: To prioritize the marketing topics covered in each article in the title tag (the text you see in white letters on the blue banner at the top of your web browser). That was standard advice, back then.

Since that time, SEO has changed many times over and so have best practices. So I’ll be revising the article title tags accordingly over the next couple of months.

Most important though, is my realization that it’s critical to check in at least twice annually on features and best practices of the techniques and tools you rely on, and more often on those that are mission critical. It’s the only way to make sure you’re getting the most from your org’s communications work.

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