3 Quick Ways to Hook the Survey Responses Your Organization Needs

3 Quick Ways to Hook the Survey Responses Your Organization NeedsYep, you heard me right. Needs. Because your organization needs the ongoing feedback from your audiences, each and every one of them, not once but often.

Online surveys are a quick and dirty way to get it, but the problem is that everyone’s caught on. And your audiences are probably suffering the same "oh, not another survey request" ennui that you are.

I knew I was diving into this dilemma when I asked Getting Attention readers to respond to our latest survey of nonprofit marketers (findings here). So made sure to hook folks by:

  • Making the survey short, and telling prospective participants how long it would take them to answer; and
  • Clearly articulating the benefit that they’d get from responding (their challenges and agendas would be more directly addressed in coming Getting Attention coverage.)

And there’s one more approach recommended by Marketing Sherpa — and relevant to every organization and foundation in the advocacy policy arena — tell prospective participants that survey results will be used to help change, or reinforce, legislation.

Put these tactics to use to ensure you get as many survey responses as possible, this round and in the future.

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