99Designs — Get a New Logo for a Bargain Price

99Designs -- Get a New Logo for a Bargain Price
Need a new logo but don’t have much of a budget? Turn to 99Designs to run a design contest sourcing your logo or other design challenge from a vast array of emerging graphic designers.All you need is a clear idea of what you want designed and how much you’re prepared to pay for it.

Here are some current design contests, and here’s how 99Designs works:

  1. Craft your creative brief — The brief articulates all the tough prep work your org needs to do — brand definition, goal, target audiences, etc. My guide to creative briefs includes an easy-to-complete template.
  2. Set your budget — How much is your org to pay the winning designer to purchase their design (aka the prize)? Prize amounts generally range from $100 to $600 depending on the type of design you require.
  3. Work with the designers — Once your design brief has been posted to 99designs.com, designers from around the globe will submit design concepts to compete for your prize. It’s your job to rate the designs and provide feedback to help the designers deliver what you want.
  4. Choose your favorite design — Consider asking your base to weigh in here as well. At the completion of the design contest (which is typically 7 days) you will choose a winning design and pay the designer the prize amount. The designer will send you their completed design along with copyright to the original artwork.

Of course, as with everything communications (and most else), what you get out of it is directly proportional to what you put into it. My friend Brian Reich, co-author of Media Rules, shares this guidance for running a productive 99Designs contest:

  • Comment, comment, comment: The more you comment on submitted designs, the more designs come in, and the better they get. Makes sense, you’re honing your vision so the graphic representations of it are more on target.
  • Be brutally honest.
  • Eliminate the ones you don’t like pronto: That narrows the field and focuses the designers.
  • Guarantee payment: It doesn’t necessarily matter how much (although I’d say $300 is a healthy average for logo design) but
    designers do better work if they know a winning entry gets paid.

Remember though, the more detailed and comprehensive your creative brief, the better the submitted logos will match your org’s vision and needs.

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