Blogging Helps Me Make Sense of This Crazy World

Blogging Helps Me Make Sense of This Crazy WorldAs I listen to the crazy news today — Wachovia bankrupt, congress voting on the $700 billion bailout bill– I just want to blog. Not so much about the economy, but about what I can impact, like strengthening the voice of nonprofits.

Here’s an example: The process of blogging about the presentations and conversations at the Communications Network conference makes that content even more useful for me. Blogging takes up where note taking leaves off (and I always found that taking notes in class, down to the outline I crafted as I did so, resulted in a deeper level of understanding than just listening). It requires that one not only hears, but processes what’s relevant, a priority and needs to be passed forward.

Best yet, blogging your take enables others to chime in with their perspectives, and that conversation ups understanding of the issues at hand.

Wouldn’t that be useful for your nonprofit, especially in these times when the environment in which you work is changing by the minute?

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