Capture Seth Godin’s Imagination for Free Seat to Dec. 12th Marketing Seminar

If you don’t who know Seth Godin is, get on it. He’s a free-wheeling, free-thinking marketing innovator who’s turned the field on its ear in the last few years. With his blog, his books and his few personal appearances, Seth has helped to shape a cohort of creative marketers who are engaging audiences better than ever.

Now Seth has an opportunity for you — in New York City, on December 12th. He’s leading an all-day seminar (best word I can find, although that’s not quite it–more interaction, more case studies) beginning with “a long presentation with plenty of micro-explosions and macro-ideas to turn your head inside out along with heavy interaction in which we talk about your problems and your organization and your marketing,” as he puts it.

Only 60 seats total, with a few freebies for nonprofit marketers. Here’s what to do:

  • Build a lens on Squidoo outlining what you do (be creative here, remember — Seth is a non-traditional thinker)
  • Send him an email with your lens address
  • He’ll invite his favorites
  • Let me know if you get in, and what you learn.

PS You can download Seth’s book “Unleashing the IdeaVirus” for free on his website.

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