Change the World, One Gift at a Time

Change the World, One Gift at a TimeNew social gifting site ChangingThePresent lets donors choose exactly what they want to do to "make the world a better place" and makes it easy for them to direct friends and families to replace gifts with giving. 

This is how you can pitch this to donors — When birthdays, weddings and holidays roll around, donation gifts made in a friend’s name offer a wonderful way to show we care, instead of buying yet more stuff.  After all, how many of us really want another fruitcake or fuzzy slippers?  Imagine, for one delicious moment, how much we could accomplish if even some of the $250 billion we spend each year buying presents went instead to donation gifts that do good. 

Wish lists and registries ensure we get the perfect gift, while personalized, printed greeting cards announce this more meaningful way of showing our love.  Profile pages with favorite causes and favorite nonprofits let donors share their enthusiasm and passions with others (yes, it’s another giving-focused social networking site — don’t know how many "the market" can bear).

Don’t forget to visit the Stupid Gift Hall of Shame, which memorializes those gifts we hope never to receive.  Submit your favorite for a chance to win a sweet prize: pints and pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

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