CNN Hosts Political Bloggers at Election Night Blog Fest — Recognizes Unparalleled Reach in Political and Community Arenas

When the New York Times reported that CNN had invited 25 top political bloggers to an election night blogging party at a Washington cafe, I knew that something had shifted. And I don’t mean the majority in the House.

Participants ranged from Bob Cesca of The Huffington Post to RedState’s Mike Krempasky. Some of their analysis appeared in segments on-air in online reports, including on CNN Pipeline,’s premium live video news service.

There’s no going back now. Blogging has come into its own. “Much of the serious political dialog is taking place online, and it seems wrong to ignore it,” says CNN Washington Bureau Chief David Bohrman, who helped to select blogger participants from across the political spectrum.

So CNN is acknowledging how influential blogs are in certain arenas, and bringing key bloggers into the conversation formerly dominated by broadcast media (election night finds many of us glued to the TV). When the player formerly at the top of the heap invites the newbie to the table, that’s a powerful symbolic action. Much like Bush inviting the new Democratic House leaders to lunch at the White House today.

What this means for your nonprofit is this:

  • Blogs can’t be ignored any longer as a core communications channel
  • There is significant opportunity for advocacy via blogging
  • Get on the stick with responding to posts on your nonprofit and the issues you focus on, even if you aren’t ready to get blogging yourself.

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