How to Connect with Your Target Audiences – Get to Know Them!

Nothing’s more vital to the success of your organization’s marketing than knowing your target audiences.

Without knowing each group well—what’s important to them, what motivates them and their habits—you’ll never connect. And there’s no convincing without connection.

Kivi Leroux Miller and I have been talking about this challenge a lot recently, as we prepare for next week’s Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop.

We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to help organizations like yours get the most from your marketing investment. Connecting with your audiences is one of the focal points of our limited-enrollment seminar and as we were discussing this topic, we decided to record our conversation. Please listen here to learn about connecting with the people who matter most to your success.

Please join us for the workshop next week in New York City. Tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 1) is the last day to register. The 7th is just about sold out, but we do have room for you on the 6th. We’re also presenting the workshop in Washington DC on October 28.

Hope to see you there!

Nancy Schwartz in Audience Research | 0 comments

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