Convio and Creating Compelling Messages

Convio has just released an updated version of their PDF report "Using the Internet to Raise Funds and Build Donor Relationships: Tools, Tips and Techniques for Boosting Donations." Obviously, it’s about fundraising, but I found that the report features many valuable points about nonprofit communications in general, and especially the use of email.
I recommend you take a look. It’s free so go ahead and download it.

I like the section that they referred to as "the Trust Rule." Basically, it recommends that you follow the TRUST acronym when crafting compelling email messages to your audience. In a nutshell, it says make sure your messages are:

  • Timely: Make sure the messages are pegged to an event, holiday, or something that is happening in your audience and that will grab the reader’s attention.
  • Relevant: The information must connect with the audience’s main interests for it to have value.
  • Urgent: The message should make it clear why it’s important to take action now.
  • Specific: Make it clear exactly what it is that you want the reader to do: make a donation, volunteer, sign a petition, attend an event, etc.
  • Tested: Before sending the message to your audience, send it to your self (and ideally, a colleague or two. Never a good idea to edit your own work). Check all the links. Look at it with a fresh eye. Review spelling and grammar. Run it through a spam checker to be sure you’ve not inadvertently included words that set off the spam guards that will send your message into limbo.

Good rules to follow when you’re dealing with messages, email or not.

Bonus: Try this great strategy for pumping up your nonprofit’s email: Nonprofits’ Most-Missed Marketing Tool — Email Signatures. It works for e-newsletters and individual emails alike.

Are you Getting Attention?

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