75% of Nonprofit Messages Don’t Connect:
Huge but Fixable Barrier

We’re nearing the finish line for the Nonprofit Messages Survey 2012, which closes June 13 COB. 1,472 of you have shared such valuable data already (thank you), and I hope to hear from more of you before it’s all over.
This chart is a dramatic illustration of a barrier most nonprofits face right now: Most (75%!) of your organizations’ messages are not connecting with your target audiences. If they don’t connect at all, or even only somewhat, it’s likely that you may even be alienating some prospective supporters. Isn’t that how you feel when you meet someone who talks about herself and her interests non-stop—that “ugh, get me out of here right now” feeling?

The great news in this finding is that this is a very fixable problem, and the fix will strengthen your ability to grow a committed network for the long term. Once the survey closes, I’ll use your info to highlight what’s working and what’s not with nonprofit messages, and to guide you to make the fixes that lead to greater success in connecting with the people whose help you want to your mission forward.

Here’s a swap for you:
I’ll guide you to tell 5-star stories for your org (free webinar), when you
take 5 minutes to answer this survey by June 13.
I’d love to hear from YOU today! Thank you.

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