Don’t Lose a Great Marketing Opportunity Like My High School Did

Don't Lose a Great Marketing Opportunity Like My High School DidLast May, my husband Sean and I had a hilarious night out at my high school reunion (big year, you guess which one). I connected with old friends, caught up, had a lot of laughs. Lots to feel good about beyond the feel-good feelings I already had for the school.

Fast forward to today when I received a large envelope from my school. I had no idea what it was (being that the reunion was almost three months ago at this point), so was pleasantly surprised to pull out the class picture. But…

When I shook the envelope, nothing else came out. Nothing. So during this extremely feel good moment when I absorbed the photo and remembered those happy moments, there was no note suggesting I donate to the school. Believe me, the school hits me up all the time to give. Why not today when there was a real motivation for me to do so, and a way to ask at no additional cost?

Don’t miss your great marketing opportunities. Sometimes they’re all but impossible to see from the inside, so always run your ideas and plans by at least one colleague outside the marketing team (or outside your organization) for a priceless reality check.

What great marketing opportunities have you missed by just not seeing them? Let me know by clicking the Comments field below.

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