YOU Can Make These Dreams Come True (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

Martin Luther King inspired me to ask fellow bloggers to join me in the January Nonprofit Blog Carnival, to “pick any dream you have—for your cause, organization or the nonprofit sector—and share it and how you plan to make it real.”

I am inspired and energized by the richness of your contributions. I urge you to digest them to energize yourself and to focus you and your colleagues on the pathways to increased impact and results in 2012:

1) Dreams of productive changes in the way nonprofits work

Writer Karen Zapp dreams that charities and associations will embrace reader-centric messaging in 2012, putting donors and members in the spotlight. As a result, they’ll enjoy higher responses for more funds raised to support their missions.

Jeff Brooks, fundraiser and blogger extraordinaire at Future Fundraising Now, urges nonprofits to get donor centric.  He predicts that”Fundraising that’s about donors will become more and more normal. Donors will increasingly expect and demand being treated right. The organizations that refuse to get it will fade and shrink and finally go away.” When that finally happens, his dream will come true.

Decide how you are different, be it, and forget the rest is Nonprofit Marketing Guide Kivi Leroux Miller‘s dream. She urges charities to differentiate themselves and stick to it, offering two case studies as useful models.

Fundraising Coach Marc Pitman urges organizations to do the work it takes, and challenges all of us to articulate the tough actions we’re willing to take on this year to make the world better.

Kirsten Bullock dreams that nonprofit staff and volunteers think big to get the attention their orgs deserve.

Cross-generational engagement specialist Kari Saratovsky urges nonprofits to finds new ways to embrace the creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and (at times) the chaos of the Millennial Generation—while Millennials in turn harness the wisdom and experience of the older generations.

For organizational leaders to start viewing the world through a lens of  abundance; re-imagining and re-organizing themselves to look and act more like social networks, is the dream of network maven Allison Fine.

Beth Kanter, Allison’s partner in networking-building crime, has a dream to see more robust informal peer learning networks in the nonprofit sector.

My dream for every organization is that marketers and fundraisers become tight friends (motivational video here): A unified, integrated marketing and fundraising team (comprised of one or two departments, many approaches work) that works in sync to build and nurture relationships with supporters and prospects. A team where team members–no matter their titles–share information, ideas, challenges, problems and vision.

The Fundraising Detective dreams that we reconnect to our dreams to get recharged on our work.

Social media advocate Desiree Koser dreams of the day that nonprofits get more open and bold in using social and other online marketing strategies for good.

For nonprofits to accept that hard work and some sacrifice is necessary to bring their dreams to fruition is the dream of Blog Carnival manager and blogger Joanne Fritz.

2) Dreams of change in the way our work is perceived and supported

Elaine Fogel dreams of a world where more people recognize and respect the incredible contributions that charities make to our society, and that organizations need to spend money to make money to deliver programs and services.

Ifdy Perez, blogger at Inspiring Generosity, dreams of making a dent in the challenges that face us and bringing others along with her.

VolunteerMatch asked its team, supporters, partners and volunteers to share their dreams in a powerful video. Many moved me, including the dream that for-profit organizations integrate community engagement and volunteering in their policies, and a dad’s dream that his daughters will grow up in a world of generosity. Watch this video—it works!

Thanks too for the contributions and support from these much-appreciated colleagues: Roger Craver,  The Agitator; John Lepp, Agents of Good; Maureen, Low-Hanging Fruit; and the founders of Illinois Blessing.

P.S. Marc Pitman kicks off the February Nonprofit Blog Carnival with his Valentine’s Day-themed: How do you take care of yourself? Marc asks, “We often focus on letting donors know we love them, but how do you show yourself the love?” Oh, did you forget to reward yourself? This will be an opportunity to pledge anew to do just that.

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