Email Subject Lines Have to Be Tight and Complete — Get an Outside Reader’s Take Before Releasing

Email Subject Lines Have to Be Tight and Complete -- Get an Outside Reader's Take Before ReleasingYes, you’ve heard it before but I got a ringing reminder of this today via an email from a local performing arts venue, the Community Theatre in Morristown, NJ. Here’s how the subject line read:

Garrison Keillor Added to Schedule; Tickets on Sale Oct. 3

Thanks a lot, Community Theatre. You tell me that a favorite performer is coming your way and when I can buy tickets, but you make it really hard for me to find out when he’s scheduled. Even worse, when I did take the effort to click through to the theatre’s Web site, the same headline (without the critical  performance date info) was featured on the home page. NOTE: The home page has now since been  corrected. Keillor’s performing on May 21, 2008 should you be interested.

Nothing’s more important than making it easy for your audiences to take the actions you’re communicating about. That can be hard to ensure unless you get outside eyes to review all marketing outputs, including emails. Perspective is everything.

Learn more about crafting effective email subject lines here:

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