Foundation Bombs in Announcing New Board Members — Post Launches Getting Attention Don’ts

I recently received an email announcement on two new board members from a foundation that will remain nameless. What a bomb! The email was devoid of impact, featuring only the following for each new board member:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • 2-3 sentence bio.

What a lost opportunity, with nothing about:

  • The evolution of the foundation having led it to select these two new board members who are leaders in those areas of focus.
  • Other foundation news.
  • The foundation more generally. No tagline, logo, positioning statement or other branding. No website link, email signature or contact information. Do they ever make it hard for a recipient to find out more.

Bomb! This post launches a new Getting Attention blog category–Don’ts. Subjects will remain anonymous as their missteps highlight good marketing practices (and those to avoid).

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Nancy Schwartz in Don'ts, Nonprofit Communications | 0 comments

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