Getting Attention Survey Finds Nonprofit Communicators Face 3 Main Challenges

The over 200 nonprofit communicators who responded to the recent Getting Attention e-news survey consistently pointed to these "greatest challenges" faced in their everyday work:

  • Getting buy in (strategically, and in terms of resource allocation) from colleagues and leadership.
  • Creating brand or name recognition to build and reinforce awareness.
  • Lack of time and budget to do all that has to be done.

In addition, over 80% of survey respondents identified these topics as "important" or "critical" areas in which they need to strengthen their skills:

  • Strategy (tied for top pick, identified as an "important or "critical" skill gap by 89% of readers).
  • Message development and branding (the other top pick.)
  • Website development and promotion.
  • Evaluating success.

Lots of challenges and "need to know" topics but have faith, each and every one of the elements readers mentioned can be tackled with success. It’s just a matter of learning how…from peers, from training and from the Getting Attention blog and e-newsletter.

Click here to review the complete survey results.

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