The Power of Right Place, Right Time Fundraising (Girl Scout Case Study)

Our daughter Charlotte is a dedicated Brownie and I was wowed by the Girl Scouts’ high-impact fundraising as I tackled her Brownie re-registration forms this weekend.

The Girls Scouts did a great job in ensuring I couldn’t complete the form until I read their moving request for a donation to help other girls join, which was stapled on top of the registration form:

We need YOU — our inner circle of Girl Scout Families — to help us give girls access to life changing experiences that inspire them to do something BIG!

As you register for the 2012 membership year, we ask you to include a tax-deductible contribution [to make that possible].

There couldn’t be a better place, or a better time for this call to give. But the power of this campaign goes further…

Right Message, Easy Execution Fundraising
The Girl Scouts reached me (and other Girl Scout parents I know) with the most meaningful message possible: You’re giving your daughter this opportunity because you know it’s a valuable one. Please make it possible for more girls just like her to have this opportunity too. There’s no arguing with this message which hits hard at the emotional level (you’re being a great parent, supporting your daughter’s growth, shouldn’t all girls have the same opportunity).

Of course, action speaks far louder than intention and the Girl Scouts make it easy to immediately add your donation (in the amount you wish) right to your daughter’s registration form. Well done.

More Right Time, Right Place Marketing

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